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(Off topic) but may help you out and put your mind to ease.


I can side with this one. I used to think the worst could happen whenever I used to go out, if I ever did go out. Most of the time, the worst never did happen. I would sit there and think "Why the hell did I get so worked up for?"

... So I guess in some ways it was very much ON TOPIC. Well, if you worry yourself, your damaging your health and that's what the website is about isn't it.

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You were right Matt, the worst could have happened. It still could, it still might....but there is not a lot any of us can do about it, since we dont really know what it looks like or when it is coming (and probably couldnt stop it anyway even if we did).

So in fact you were right Twice: it is not worth worrying about in the slightest!

Whether you call it 'mindfulness' or Solomon's lilies -either way that is wisdom speaking there.

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'Soloman's lilies'. That's new to me. I haven't heard that before :).

Plenty of ways to harm ones self, at home.

worrying about the "what if" to a point is worse than the risk it's self.

That is very true, Roger.


If we risk-assessed everything we planned to do, none of us would ever do ANYTHING, 'just in case'- that counts for the neurotypical, as well as 'us'.

We have to be sensible, and I fear that someone has moved my Worzel Gummidge 'sensible head', possibly into the shed, and it might be behind the lawnmower, which always looks like it MIGHT fall on me...

I could sit at home, worrying about the what-if, but, what I'm going to do instead, is take my one repaired aneurysm, and my two 'awaiting assessment' aneurysms, and be on-call first aid for a school sports-day, involving over a thousand kids.

There a lot of "The worst that could happen" scenarios, but I'm going to hazard a guess at two fainters, a sprained ankle, and everybody getting soaked in the rain that's forecast this afternoon. Oooh, a thousand kids, on wet grass, what's the worst that could happen?

I was wrong- I got one kid with a twisted knee, and one asthma attack! The afternoon session was cancelled, due to the weather, so I managed to do some of MY work, rather than scooting about with a bag of ice-packs.

Every cloud, eh?

Every cloud indeed :)

Hi Matt AKA MJ,

Just read the other reply's and it appears that not only are you a talented artist, a great clown (don't deny you've posted the pictures) but are also a great philosopher as well!

Can't argue with any of the replies, what a shame, a good discussion over difference of opinion can be quite entertaining and humorous (as in funny not bone) too at times ;-)

Take it as it comes because there is nothing else to do. Prepare for the worst and expect the best.

Geoff AKA Sporran AKA GMF

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Speaking of funny bones. Did you know that it is not a bone

So why do they call it a 'funny bone'?

There are no bones in the body that are funny at all. I think the so called "funny bone" is actually a tendon or sinew in the joint, usually elbows and knees.

Whack it on the edge of a table and you would say "I just hit my funny bone" but it doesn't make you laugh in the slightest :).

Maybe mt funny bone should do stand-up comedy haha... Now that is funny :).

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Rhino ;-)

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I see now that Health Unlocked have changed the 'recommended' button to 'like'... Just like Facebook.

It makes sense to change to 'like' though because there have been so many comments from people where I have literally liked what they said.

To 'recommend' a comment is like saying "Oh, come and see what my friend just said". It might seem likeable to you but not really to them :).

Just so you know, I was going to 'recommend' the last comment you made "rhino" to a friend of mine :). I don't really know why but thought it might be a good idea :).

The strange thing is (for me) that I've been a 'what if ' type all my life. But since I've had the haemorrhage I couldn't muster a 'what if ' for neither love nor money.

So I can't claim to have become enlightened, or wise, it just seem I've have had that part of my brain knocked out.

But it's so true that there's little point in stressing about stuff we have no control over and probably isn't going to happen anyway. (Easier said than done though for those with clinical anxiety issues).

There's also a sense of 'Been there, had that' for many of us, so maybe there's just no energy spare for inventing more scary stuff !! xx :o

MMM I came on to this website originally for ideas advise of which I have gained but the first few days I thought arrrr as I read of further complications that could or would effect me.

Am told not to worry but at first came off more worried!

Feel for those that are a lot worse off them me

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