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Post TBI, newly formed dent/crevice on forehead ?

Post TBI, newly formed dent/crevice on forehead ?

TBI from car accident 6 months ago right side of head above ear area, craniotemy & 6 hr brain surgery, skull part removed was replaced with securing divots straight after op. No scarring to front of head / forehead

Over last month an 'increasing in size' crevice/dent (about 2 inches long and looks like a groove has appeared on forehead that was never there before and has started feeling tender and 'niggling' ache? GP

Any ideas please ??

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If things have changed then you are best advised to seek medical attention. Either GP or if you are still followed up by E.g neurologist/surgeon then ring secretary and ask for advice from consultant. Could it be because swelling has taken time to resolve and that is why it now has a different appearance??


I've got the exact same thing a dent on the right hand side of my head and just above the right ear I've also gotten a wee bump which once I Run my fingers alongside it I can FEEL and HEAR the ABOVE the EAR on the right hand side MOVE and it makes awee CRUNCHING NOISE what's this? And has it been weakened by being DRILLED from Life saving brain surgery from a car crash in January 2013 is there anything that I should WORRY about it?


Hi Lyneh,

I'm not sure you should worry too much. I have three or four dints in my skull where it was drilled to remove that part of the skull to get at the blood clot. One of them, like yours, is clearly visible just below my hairline. It's been 40 years now, and they haven't caused me any great problems.

On the other hand, I would talk to your neurologist about it, particularly about the ache and the fact it is increasing in size. It may be something normal occurring after an operation like yours, but if nothing else, s/he can put your mind at rest.

All the best


It's my son, sorry who had the TBI.

Thank you for your comments, just got phone call from GP, CT scan all clear, no brain swelling, air pockets, bleed etc. Yes they still think its how the area has 'settled' after the major trauma. GP will still refer to Neurologist for checking as it's unusual for 'it' to keep getting larger and the pain slightly worse by the week. Post accident 4 months it only started showing. GP says may be able to try cosmetic surgery/fillers being only 20yrs old but we will see .......................


Hi ,

I haven't been on for ages and popped on tonight to see your comment...

I am coming up to 5 years post op for a right temporal craniotomy for a brain abscess and a second op within weeks after where my skull was drilled due to an infection and a catheter placed to inject antibiotics and drain the infection.

My bore holes are just under the craniotomy scar and above my right ear with a slight dent at the front which you don't notice, when you touch these areas they give you a really weird sensation and at times achy feelings.

The weather plays a big part as well with sensations in the head and a few times before the weather changes I feel it,i'm like the human weather forecaster!!!

I have found over the years I get good days and bad days but I am on anti seizure tablets for partial seizures which I believe doesn't help with the weird sensations I experience...

I visited a neurologist who was the one sent me for an EEG which I was diagnosed with partial seizures having had weird feelings and funny sensations so worth thinking about.


Thanks. This site is lovely. So helpful to hear from real folk. Of course the weather could cause the niggly pains & it has been pretty cold recently & returning to work part time means been out in the Siberian blast. Thank you and all the best in your continued journey 👍🏼


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