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Tired of being TIRED


Since my SAH just over 2 years ago, I find my biggest challenge is I feel so tried all the time. I try to manage this stupid fatigue, but needing to rest day before, then day after I do anything is so annoying. I sleep 10 hours straight through from 9.30 (bedtime) till 7.30 then have to get up sort my daughter for school. I don't go back to bed once she's gone as I know this is not the way to be, but with much rest I spend most day feeling wrecked & can't wait for bedtime. Can anyone suggest any herbal remedies that might help with fatigue I'm tired of being tired..

I look forward to your replies

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Yes, it is frustrating to always have to rest and sleep to recover to be able to do things. That said, sleep and rest are very helpful in the healing process. I have found an herb that works well for me, Rhodiola Rosea. It's similar to ginseng but not as intense. I know there are some people with brain injuries that it may not work well for.

sammm2k in reply to sca2013

Thanks for your reply, I'll look into that

I've found some benefit from Matcha Green Tea Powder, this is considered one of the best sources of Green Tea. Green Tea contains caffeine but unlike coffee's it's released at a slower rate it also contains Theanine which is said to increases brain alpha activity and stimulate concentration.

As it's a powder I use a cafetiere to 'whisk' it to drink, tastes OK as well and you only need to use a maximum of one teaspoon per day so it works out not to be too expensive.


Thank you for your reply, I'll look into that if it helps with concentration as well as fatigue even better, my concentration is poor & I'm easily distracted & loose focus (sounds like my school report many years ago) lol. As for taste, I don't have any smell or taste since BI..must remember to eat though, it's hard as I never fancy anything doh.

How long have you been taking this & where do you get it, thanks

sealiphone in reply to sammm2k

My daughter got in to Green tea when she went to uni and persuaded me, so about two years.

She tends to buy some for me as well and I drink so not sure where she gets in from, possibly a shop in Leeds.

We've tried different ones, currently Vitalife, which is a basic grade, apparently the best tasting and dearest is ceremonial, hence not tried it yet. I've also had it from Amazon, although at the time it was free delivery due to having a Amazon Prime account.

I only have one cup per day so 30 grams lasts one month.


sammm2k in reply to sealiphone

Thanks for the link, that's great

Someone mentioned omega 6,7,?,9, it’s not those numbers, I sure someone knows them .Enjoy the snow ❄️

sammm2k in reply to Pat-rick1

Thank you Pat. Snows not here yet but all schools are closed tomorrow ready, so that will be fun for the kids lol

Hi. I have an unruptured Annie so not the same situation. However I have another condition 'reactive hypoglycaemia ' which means I can get very tired if I don't eat the right things at regular intervals. And like you I can have one good day and then need a day to sleep/recover.

If you focus on nutrition and foods that help energy levels I'm sure you'll see an improvement.

For example, chia seeds sprinkled on food... lemon water to help detox the liver. Google dr lam and sign up to receive his emails. They'e full of advice about nutrition.

I hope this helps.

L x

This is me too! BI about 2.5 years ago, two kids, constantly tired!

I thought to myself I was being ridiculous I don’t dare say doing something simple wipes me out for days incase they thought I was just being lazy.

My sleeping pattern is similar get about 9hours. I try not to nap in the day as that then takes me longer to get to sleep later.

I’ve always been a green tea drinker my whole life so for me I don’t think I’ve noticed any difference. I have been taking Maca root supplements recently but been bad to remember to always take it. And it’s only been about a month or so and not seen any results yet.

How frustrating for you. I had my SAH at the end of 2015. I've not had too much if a problem with tiredness although I often doze off in my armchair of an afternoon. However, I've just turned 70 so that may have something to do with it! I hope you gain some help from some ofthe other suggestions that have been posted.

Hi. Yes fatigue is a problem for most of us I think. I’ve been taking cbd oil for the past six months and it is helping but I still nap at least twice a day for half an hour or so. Listen to your body. If you need to nap just do it but try and learn to nap for 10,20,30,40 minutes. Whichever works for you

I’m the same sometimes don’t get out of bed till 12, wonder if I’m ever going to get a normal life I’d love to get back to work or be successful in something as I’m ambitious but as I’ve realised at college it’s notgoing to be easy but I keep soldiering on and dreaming but like many I bet you think what’s the point

Hi, haven't read all of the replies yet, buy just saying that 3 yrs on this is the normal for me still.

I often sleep for 10-12hours non stop and have to rest in advance and after anything "exciting" or unusual.

But, I try not to let it stop me from doing as much as possible.

Recently travelled for another 6 week adventure. I just have to plan some rest times into the schedule.

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