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Can eating sweets make you tired?

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Been on day out with BI group I go to. On way back the man who runs group said he was tired and said it was cos he'd eaten some sweets just before setting off back. Never heard of this before. I know BI can make you get tired easier and I think this is the case with this man, but can sweet stuff effect it? For me it doesn't tho would probably be more a good thing if it did as I love anything sweet a bit too much.

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What do you really think? I think this is absolute rubbish x


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I didn't think it was possible and he does eat healthy quite a lot. He has been tired few times before when not eating sweet stuff. Mainly after another day trip back in June and he hadn't eaten any sweets then. Classic example of me thinking of something I should have said afterwards rather than at right time.

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Could be simple slump after a sugar rush or something diabetic?

If he's eating lots of sweet stuff instead of a healthy diet then it would make him generally sluggish.

I'm not too sure if sweets can make you tired but I will say that I wouldn't be surprised if it was the culprit.

I agree with what strawberrycream said though about eating more sweets over healthy stuff (natural, REAL food) making you sluggish.

What I do know and what I try to avoid more of nowadays is food or food with sugar in it. Refined sugar is bad for you. Sugar is addictive and some will tell you that sugar is a poison... Which it is really. Sugar can pile on the pounds and lead to health problems, including diabetes, and further consumption can lead to death.

When you look at America with all their fast food restaurants and cafés and so on and then you look at the obese public, you can see how they ended up that way. Sugars do appear in savoury foods too and how many McDonald's chains are there in America? I lost count but their are hundreds.

I do have refined sugar here and there, it is pretty unavoidable, but I definitely don't eat as much as I used to and I feel so much better for it :).

Sugar causes inflammation. Inflammation can create more sensitivity to everything. Don't get me wrong I love pretty much anything sugar. You may want to experiment ans see for yourself if this is true for you.

He may be diabetic and a raised blood sugar (which he would likely have after eating sweets) can be exhausting...

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