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My partner had a ruptured brain aneurysm in June 2017 and some will recall that a long spell of rehabilitation was advised. So far been in hospital for over six months some 70 miles away from home. it has been hugely difficult but hey, great news, he was allowed home Christmas Eve overnight & is now allowed home again in less than a week for New Year, again another overnight stay planned. It was a huge step forward for us both. We have a MDT meeting in three weeks. I am hoping these advances mean that a discharge is being planned early Spring, not sure how these things go, but really hope so. The last six months have been an incredible journey, but my partner is doing amazingly well. Keep up the hope if you are in this situation, it does get better. We ride this roller coaster every day, but we talk everyday, I visit twice a week and our 21 year marriage is holding firm. There are challenges and we learn together how to cope. This is the most terrifying situation I have ever been faced with, it takes and will continue to take a long time, but it does get better, hold on to that if you are in the early stages of a brain injury. I would never have believed in June how my partner could improve, it is wonderful to see and gives hope to others who find themselves in this hugely difficult situation. Time and patience, learn all that you can, read and be informed. I have studied brain injury as if I was doing a degree, knowledge has been my saviour. Someone here recommended the book Where is the Mango Princess to me, this helped me so much & thank you so much to that person. I cannot recommed that book enough - by Cathy Crimmins, I got it on Amazon and it was delivered the next day. I will be reading it again. Also search Brain Injury on You Tube - there is so much valuble information on there, it has been a fantastic resource for me. Eat well, sleep well ( I recommend Nytol 50mg herbal sleeping tablets, non addictive and helped me a lot when I just couldn't sleep) Try to think of a positive thing once a day, get fresh air and exercise and things will start to fall into place. I know that now.

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So pleased that he is improving so much. As you say, at the beginning you can never see that there can be anything that can help, but the brain does manage to improve itself enormously with rest to recover.


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