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library or casino

I'm in the local library writing this and have been asked if I would like to take part in a game of cards (can you believe it) as I write this the "librarian" is walking round asking would anyone like to play a game of cards!! this is live folks, I came round to get something printed off and find this carry on, surprisingly though I 'm not getting to wound up, even without ear plugs ( I thought I would tough it out) just read some Headway fact sheets on hormonal imbalance and depression. Now the hullabaloo has is dying down, it appears the card school will convene again next week, I have just asked Christine the staff member if it is a weekly thing and yes, who knows if I'm not feeling to sensitive I might come along as they were playing some games I would like to learn, whist for example. Its windy out side and there is an almost musical note being "played" on the air vents above the door. This has possibilities, live reportage from Branksome library, I'm enjoying this folks, snippets of conversation "6 main tribes in Zimbabwe" .Back at the flat today I sold a laptop on gumtree, so a fairly good day and I had exactly forty pence in my purse for the two sheets I got printed off, proof of brain injury for my ID as I have arranged to do this in the old fashioned way via post, "Botswana" in the background sounds like an old Africa hand over there. Perhaps I should pop into the bookies on the way home as this is turning out to be a pretty good day. A very acceptable gentle clicking sound from the wheels of a shopping thingy, some sounds are quite exquisite, the wheeze in a tap when the metal part rubs against the rubber part is a favourite. OH OH here come the kiddies straight onto the wooden train, this might be the straw that broke the camels back and a nice whiff of perfume as well, let me know if you like these live posts from the thick of things. Signing off for the Mail crossword which, by the way, I write the answers in backwards its surprising how quick you become. Bye for now. Fredikins

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You write the answers in Backwards...............is that a symptom of brain injury or just a perverse nature ?

I enjoyed your 'live report' Fred ; it made me smile 😃.



No cat its become a habit after for a challenge on an easy (the sun) crossy,

I'm still in the library albeit with the earplugs in now as the staff babbling has gotten to me, but its been a far better day than most of late, I really feel the positivity from the forum.


I have to go out for the 'I' paper every day if only for the crossword, which is my nightly treat with tea & toast before bed.

Glad to hear your day was (mainly) a good one Fred. Some of your descriptions have quite a poetic tone ! x


I used to buy the 'I' as well Cat, remember when it was 20p, that's my favourite crossy, also the number puzzles and the others, I have even twice completed the number puzzle, you know the halved diagonaly that have to add to the number in the triangle?


Yes, now 60p but still a quality paper & great value.

Before my haemorrhage I was good with numbers/maths but since then I can't do number puzzles.

My sister in law can't believe I struggle with Sudoku puzzles ; she tried to explain them to me, but she might as well have been speaking in Greek !

I'm told it's a variation on word blindness...........except with numbers.

Pity as there are plenty in the I.


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