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Paranoia, is this just the start?!

I have just woken up from a super vivid horrid dream! I know I’m quite paranoid, try my best to be easy going and let things be, but I have always been very good at the ‘6th sense’ of knowing something isn’t right.

Also, as I struggle very much with reading social situations, unless I know where I stand with someone I usually just don’t bother with them, walk away. Anyone else like this?

Is this why I notice not many have stayed in relationships after a head injury? My husband is a rather private person, I’m convinced he’s getting more and more private too. Not that I want to know his friends list (the joys of bloody Facebook...!) not that I want to go through his phone - but to know that would never happen. But then again, he says all is fine and I’ve no reason not to trust him!

I’ve had a very turbulent few days of just everything piling on top of me and stress levels are pretty much at an all time high!

I’ve had an abi for almost 18 years now, and I’m now 30. Is this just preparing me for things to come, am I just going to get worse paranoia, irritation levels etc etc :-(

Thank you in advance xxxx

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What you're experiencing is caused by high levels of norepinephrine in your brain. When this happens we can go into some extreme fight or flight responses like super vivid horrid dreams, paranoia, anxiety, etc. Some of the things that contribute to this are, as you described: very turbulent few days of just everything piling on top of me and stress levels are pretty much at an all time high. The great thing is you can actually take control of this. How you can do this is by taking some specific actions to help neutralize this and therefore feel better. Here are some of those actions:

First thing you may want to use is what I call a simple "clearing meditation or focus" just before going to bed at night. I just took a few breaths, then gathered all the thoughts, worries, situations and stressors going through my mind and shook them all out of me and my hands into the ground in front of me and just let go of them. This really helped with my dreams and sleep.

NEXT - How to feel better, reduce depression, anxiety, calm down other unusual reactions, and improve the quality of life. You can do the activities below to increase serotonin and dopamine without medication, potions, or taking in other substances. This puts you in control of your brain chemistry.

Dopamine - Do a 30 day challenge by taking the actions described below, every day for 30 days and see how life changes for you. Many times when we’re feeling less than we'd like to be our system is running on norepinephrine (fight or flight in an extreme and sometimes weird manner). Therefore, the first step, to get us out of running on norepinephrine is by switching our brain chemistry to running on serotonin and then dopamine. The unusual thing about this is we can actually change our brain chemistry without drugs, herbs, or other potions. The actions I now describe will move you from operating from norepinephrine to serotonin and then to dopamine, where you are in your control power center.

1.To move from norepinephrine to serotonin do one or more of the following - Lie on the floor for a few moments, or do some light fiction reading, or listen to soothing music, or do some coloring or work some simple puzzles, or go for a mild walk outside.

2.Then to move from serotonin to dopamine do one or more of the following: Read educational or philosophical books, or listen to upbeat music, or laugh, or watch comedies, work more challenging puzzles, or do strength exercises or tai chi, or get a massage, or do creative projects, or do things with your non-dominant hand, or learn something new, or go someplace new.

3.To take it one more step –

a.Make a list of 10 things you really like to do.

b.Next, narrow that list down to your top five.

c.Then your top two

d.Finally pick your top one.

e.Then write a story describing that person who is doing that thing and all the things they would be experiencing while doing that thing, including the qualities that person has.

f. Answer the question – Who would I be if I lived this quality 24/7 (Write this from the perspective of this character.)

If you have questions, please feel free to let me know. I hope that this can be of value for you to use.

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Thank you I shall definitely start trying to do this x


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