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Hello All.Not been on the site for ages as been trying to get on and deal with things and support number 1 son in his daily struggles. We have a PIP assessment soon and this is after being successful in an appeal last year when the tribunal actually increased the original claim to the enhanced amount for mobility. Any tips for the assessment-son's symptoms are invisible neurological as a lot of BI symptoms are

but despite this he is at uni part time which I think may count against him as these assessors are not familiar with ABI/TBI symptoms.....here we go. Wish us luck and any tips gratefully received.

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The only advice I would give to to highlight each of the difficulties he experiences...giving as much detail as possible about how this affects him and what helps he needs to manage or overcome each issue. Include anything that makes it worse and what happens when he does not have the help he needs and the affect that has on his health and emotional well being. Explain to them how much the current award helps him to aim towards independence and what effect it would have on his life without it. If he struggles under pressure in assessment situations then as cruel as it might seem, it is better to let him struggle so that they can see first hand. I hope it goes well for him.

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Thank you. :)


Hiya Mom4ever. At the moment PIP is my best subject. Not as we wish it to be though. I've applied 4 times and turned down for each time. I'm now going for the tribunal. I received a reply to say that application has been received about 6 weeks ago, then nothing. The explanation I'm given is I can do everything for myself. I try to drum it into the thick DWP skulls, I have to. I'm 63yrs old, living alone, 3BI's, epilepsy, heart disease (2 operations), permanent tremors, and deafness. I got 2 points for the deafness (now don't get too jealous). So good luck to you and your son. Dave x

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sorry to hear you haven't had any luck with the PIP Davebe.I know how it is. we have all been here before and it really is like playing a game with these people.what I hate is that the assessments are done without any knowledge of brain injury.... its a joke but no-one is laughing..... good luck for the future.Did you get any help with the application/tribunal.we had a charity called Diverse Abilities help us at the appeal.they were great.


Thanks for the reply Mom4ever. Much appreciated. I've heard nothing after the letter just the other week to say that application had been received. This year, February to be exact was when I applied for the 4th time for PIP and didn't get a reply at all. I phoned up Capita and 4 days later had a face to face meeting at home, and then received the refusal letter. I was given 2 points because of my deafness. Nothing was said about the seizures I've had in the street or the twice I've passed out at home whilst cooking setting fire to the kitchen. (Not bad for an ex fireman). So they want to know why I'm angry? Dave x



whats the set up for you son when he goes to universivity, is he supported in any way? a question i would ask if i were you, is why after being awarded pip on appeal last year, why is your son once again having a face to face.

i would take what ever evidence youve got, including the letter from the tribunal with you.

good luck please keep us informed

steve.........awaiting the result of a pip assessment.


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