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People can still struggle with effects of BI years after

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I attend a BI group each week and have seen how different people recover at different speeds. Today I spoke to one man who attends and he said over 10 years after his BI he still has times where he's not comfortable or struggles with things. To see him you wouldn't know anything was wrong.

Today I saw the first sign of the man who set the group up struggling through having BI. He got BI over 5 years back and has been through hell with it effecting his mind. 5 years on he has come through it stronger. He will tell everyone what he's been through and how it's effected him. To see him now like most people with BI you wouldn't know he'd had BI. He admits there are still things he struggles more with than before BI. Memory and concentration which honestly isn't that noticeable. He has said before that if he has to concentrate on something he doesn't like noise distractions and can't follow 2 conversations at once. Basically only one thing gets his attention at a time. Today we all had a questionaire to fill in about having BI. It was straight forward like read a statement and put if you agree or disagree. This man couldn't concentrate in the room with rest of us even tho there was just normal conversations going on nothing big. So it just shows even years after BI it can still have effects.

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yep I still struggle with memory 16 years on

I had my BI in 1985, for the first 15 years I was in a terrible state. I started getting to grips with it when the medication was sorted. Then these last few months I've been kicked back, having seizures again. I'm seeing a neurologist and also a psychologist. Yeah you are right, it lasts a long time. In fact seemingly for ever for some of us. One good thing though,for some of us, at least we know for certain that we have a brain. It's been seen. " NORMAL PEOPLE ", can't say that!! Good luck. Dave

It's 2 years for me. Still,struggling

keeley24 remember these words disability isnt always visible.

I still find it hard to concentrate and memory is tough after five years.

2 years from subrachnoid hemorrage and I'm fine put in a group of more than 3 people I stutter and get panicky yet I repair trucks in the fast moving motorway with no problems

Three years still struggling, problems with memory, faces, depression, relationships just about everything, but never beaten ..... :0

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