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Anyone else struggle to focus on more than one thing at a time after BI

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Not sure if this is a common symptom of BI. Man who runs group I go to can’t focus on more than one thing at a time which can be hard to spot as he does plan stuff in advance like day trips or barbecues. They are currently planning hill walks leading up to 3 peaks which I have wanted them to do. We did a 5 mile in July next is 10 mile in 2 week. I am keen to talk about future walks and what is likely to happen. Especially as there are 4 staff at the group and all 4 are doing the 10 mile and 2 of them don’t seem as keen as rest of us so I’m wondering what will happen as the walks get longer will they just have to get on with it or will they do walks with just 2 staff which would likely be easy as I think only about 10 or less people going so it will be like 1 staff to 2 of us. But the man has said he doesn’t want to discus it and he can’t think about future things easy after his BI so I’ve agreed to only mention the next walk so it doesn’t get too much for him. I am complete opposite of him I look into future too much.

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maybe theres more to his bi which is stopping him from looking into the future, if you understand what im saying keeley.

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I'm guessing planning ahead is a executive function, problems with executive functioning is common after a TBI.

Whilst my ability is now is pretty good, I know I've lost some of my previous ability.

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Take it from me not being able to concentrate and focus is a major problem for me as there are lots of problems associated with tbi. I have had my tbi for 24 years yes it has improved a great deal but I still have concentration and facasing problems. We are all individuals suffering with tbi and we all cope in our own way so try to be supportive of your friend.


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Being with people like this makes me realise why people not gone through it don’t understand BI there are so many different effects BI can have and it’s so easy to assume people are ok cos they seem ok and carry on as normal. This man seems ok 99% of time even when driving he’s fine talking in fact he rarely doesn’t talk when driving. Yet if there is someone talking in room next to him and he’s talking in next room he has to shut door so he can’t hear what’s going on in other room. He once had to leave room when filling out a simple questionnaire cos he couldn’t concentrate with people talking.

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Yup. I have 'grasshopper mind' as I can't maintain concentration on one thing, my mind wanders if I think I've got multiple things to do. Or if people distract me. Then I've got to start over again as I've forgotten where I'm at. I have to just think of one step at a time. Otherwise it is easy for my brain to 'overload' and I can't think straight. It's worse when I'm fatigued, which happens every day about 4 hours after I wake. May I suggest reading the Headway booklets on Executive Function and Cognitive Problems after brain damage. Problems with prioritising, sorting, planning, sequencing, organising, concentrating... (I've probably put them in the wrong order - but I'm allowed, it's Medical innit :-)

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Hi Keeley I read your post and said me, me!! After 16 months TBI I still have problems with concentrating on more than one thing at a time. For example if I am texting and my kids are talking I literally hear nothing they are saying and they need to start again. It makes them and me bananas... I live in the states but I know that speech therapy is very helpful as is introducing sounds and diversity slowly. Good luck!!

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