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So here goes, my poor mother suffered TBI 7 years ago & was in receipt of DLA indefinite but still had to apply for the new PIP. My mum is immobile, incontinent, has severe BI & sooo different to mum I knew before injury, but I love her & would do anything for her, however I had ABI myself last January so I'm unable to drive & don't use public transport so after explaining that it was impossible to travel an hour to a consultation for my mother to attend, I was told I would nend a letter from her doctor to confirm she would need a home visit. So off I go see our doctor, who is brillianthe & confirms home visit is needed. My own confusion, fatigue, I just about manage to get this letter sent in time & after weeks they finally arrange appointment at the house which was 9.15 yesterday morning. You can imagine how annoyed I was when nobody turned up then to be told when I tried calling them, their systems were down so could tell me nothing & I Would have to phone back after 5pm....Really. Don't know what my point is here, just wanted get off my chest. I will let you know what the outcome is when I call them today, let's hope they don't penalize mum for non attendment lol. Has anyone else been in situation with PIP, they seem to make up their own rules as they go along

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yes they do it is outsourced by a private company! ask Headway to help you apeal the case the more evidance you send the better,good luck xx


Hang in there - even though everything seems to go against you and it seems like they want to put people off claiming. My husband had been on DLA indefinite and had to reapply. After the interview we eventually heard that the amount he has been awarded is almost 3 times what he used to get on DLA and he does not have to reapply for 10 years - so there are some good news stories out there. Good luck.


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