I received the forms last week, I am unable to write due to my tremor and stroke so after a telephone call to age UK they have very kindly offered to send out a lady to fill the forms in for me. At the weekend Alec and myself sat down for three days writing pages of all my illnesses and disabilities. I found the form invasive and having to relive the past has set me back so much. When we visit the doctors we are told it is private and confidential although it’s hard, but at least we know who our doctor is and they see you as a person not a person on pieces of paper. But now I am again being put through the mill by reliving all my past experiences due to illness and a horrid sexual attack by a work colleague. All my life will be seen by total strangers who have never met ME, are going to read about ME, people who do not know ME, or understand ME as a person. I found it so stressful and debilitating. How can this be for the benefit of us mere hurt human beings, people who have, and are still suffering so much, why, to give us a small amount of money to make life a little easier so we can get some help to make our home life easier. Sorry to go on but it’s so intolerable. Thanks for listening Liz

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  • Don't be sorry. You're entirely correct. I don't know if it's Capita or DWP are dim. I have the same as you with the tremors, but their reply doesn't even mention that. It seems to not want to understand that I have to do everything myself, including shopping, so have to walk. However, I can be walking along and bang find myself in hospital. My last application only gave me 2 points for my deafness . I have an appointment with Headway on Friday to see if they can give me some idea to use on my tribunal whenever that happens. Good luck. Dave

  • Hi Dave my tribunal was s formality, when they saw me they said not to worry the original decision was overturned.

    In the initial assessment I was so proud of how far I’d come I was playing down my difficulties. At the tribunal I was me.

    Janet x

  • Thank you for your kind words. And all the best to you Liz

  • My husband does all the shopping and cooking as he believes and it’s true I am a danger in the kitchen, expecally with hot water. I have a hearing aid due to tinnitus so I wonder how many points I will receive. Also many thanks for your message it’s comforting to know others have the same problems Liz

  • Hi Liz,

    I know it’s not easy but you have to see past this. It is a means to an end and, unfortunately, you are only one of many to these people,

    Try and not think of it as laying yourself bare but just getting what you are entitled too.

    These forms are meant to deter those that are not entitled, the hoops have to be gone through.

    Janet xx

  • I hope it’s the end as the thought of going to a tribunal would be horrific. Thanks Liz

  • I was so stressed at my tribunal because it was at the courts and I’d never been to court at all. But they were brilliant there were 3 people, a judge, a doctor and the court usher and they apologised to me saying it should never have got this far and I didn’t have to answer a question or explain anything.

    Easier said than done but try not to get too worked up xx

    Janet x

  • Thanks for the information, having to write everything down is so painful feeling so emotional and I will be so relieved when it’s all over Many Thanks Liz

  • Thanks Janet,

    It’s encouraging to know other people have gone to a tribunal and found that the people are kind. The lady from Age Uk said that most people have had to have a medical first, did you? Again Many thanks for your encouragement Liz xx

  • The only other thing I attended was the original assessment that was done for ESA to see if I could work.

    That was a joke, just a tick box form that the assessor, who was a GP, filled in and made comments last me I could sit straight on a chair and I walked into the room with a stick and I could meet her gaze when being spoken to, that kind of thing. Oh and I didn’t rock!!

    Anyhow, I’ve not applied for PIp as I can care for myself, I do go out on my own and cook and can clean of a fashion.

    Janet x

  • Thanks Janet I am not sure what ESA is for? Take Care Liz x

  • ESA is or was the new payment in place of job seekers allowance.

    I’m retired now but had 2 years of ESA


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