A nurse touched a nerve...what should I do?

I recently had a blood test and now have shooting/tingling pains down my arm and hand particularly around the wrist/thumb area. The nurse involved supposedly inserted a needle into a vein at the elbow, but she must have done something wrong because I immediately felt intense pain in my hand. I'm guessing the needle either missed the vein completely or went through the vein, hitting a nerve directly below it. I thought the pain would be temporary because I didn't feel anything else later on that day, but now 4 days later I experience shooting/tingling pains when I extend the arm/twist the wrist and my arm movements are limited due to the pain. Will this pain go away and should I seek medical advice?

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  • can you phone and speak to your gp?

    at my practise you can foud around midday and speak to a doctor, or phone and explain to the receptionist and they will check it out with a doc and let you know whether you need to come in

    i would say better safe than sorry just get it checked out

  • I'll visit the doctor next week if the pain doesn't go away over the next few days. I don't know if they can provide any treatment for this, but if it's something permanent, it needs to go on my record.

  • Recently, I was having a cannula inserted into a vein and, having had so many previous ones, the doctor was struggling to find a fresh site. The one he chose was quite near the bone and it hurt like hell and had to be removed when my arm went numb. It took a couple of weeks before the sensations you describe finally subsided.

    I got an apology and was warned that nerve damage can be slow to heal. Hope it's better soon.

  • Well, it's good to hear that yours healed, it brings some hope. I always thought nerve damage was permanent but I'll wait and see. If the pain doesn't go away over the weekend I'll visit the doctor. Thanks

  • Update...thankfully the pain has gone away and my arm (at least) is back to normal.

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