Still no full MRI scan

I still haven't received my full MRI scan and as it fell under the radar for 5 years I can see it slipping away again all Ive been told is that one of the researchers who gave me my profile pic has left and the main researcher has an incorrect number on their phone book and I have well what about another researcher who has known me since I was 13 and I haven't had a response and I feel at a complete lose :-(

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  • Is this the scan files from the MRI you had when 13 or waiting to have one?

    Waiting and possibly getting lost in the system is frustrating, I'm still waiting for some possible rehab etc since they moved from one hospital site to another.

  • This was from 5 years ago in the 10 year review of my head injury when i was 13 as i was put into a research study group called group called khines which is about if a brain injury has any impact on developing hormones

  • Ah that makes sense, I guess they (reasearch group) would have the files separate from the hospital?

  • idk

  • Difficult one Bexx .

    You could ring the helpline or contact the PALS at the hospital. I am assuming that the research team are attached to the hospital.

  • Ive tried pals and they were no help :-( the only way i can get hold of the research team is via where i had to mri done and i have emailed them directly

  • That sounds incredibly frustrating do you have anyone to help you?

  • No headway cant help, gp wont help, pals have said go to your medical records which I have and they said they cant help and the cric center has gone quite .... (

    and this is all I can find on the study:

  • Be angry !! And make it happen it is your life we r talking about do it and then tell us it's booked😲

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