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Support wanted


Hi,good to link up.I have a cocktail of enduring mental health issues (schizoid) ,brain injury of 15 years and instability of going through menopause.I am a Christian,and know myself held at all times by Christ and in prayer. I have a wonderful Christian therapist who is walking with me through the trauma.I have stormy overwhelming days and calm days.On the stormy days I get a lot of debilitating juddering in my nervous system. I also feel very locked in side my head and into my experience.Despite all this I know I have been brought through so much and live in a wonderful town community where there is much love and support.Can anyone else identify with feeling locked in, or the juddering.It would be great to get support on this. Thanks, Louise.

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Hi Louise. I do have some of the same symptoms than you. I often feel that I am a prisonner in my body, and that my brain simply doesn't suffice me. I have days also where my nervous system is vibrating, causing trembling. Underneath, I still have my intelligence, but my memories are a series of fading clouds. I have lived with this for ten years. I have some period of times where I feel almost normal, but as soon as I bump my head so slightly, the cycle of brain injury starts all over again. I can no longer handle stress as it affects my brain immediately. I hope this helps. We are here for you, Louise. xoxo

Hi Louise. Sorry you're struggling with disturbing sensations/symptoms.

The 'juddering' is often a symptom of nervous exhaustion. I used to insist there was something external in the world vibrating (like a heavy vehicle or generator) 'til my family assured me there wasn't.............and it must be within me.

And the 'locked in' sensation is also common among folk with depressive illness.

It was antidepressants which helped to calm, not only my mind but my nervous system, after many years of struggle.

I hope you can find a method of dealing with these disturbing symptoms by whatever means you're comfortable with.

All best wishes, Cat x 🌿

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