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Health unlocked app

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Has anyone downloaded this app?

I have got it and I quite like it... Up to the point where you reply to a message.

I don't like typing out a message on their, it is weird.

It's best to write short messages I find, if you write long messages, prepare to get annoyed like I did.

When you reply, the keyboard comes up on the screen. But if you write a long message you can't see what you type cos the keyboard gets in the way.

So you have to touch the screen above the keyboard to make it go away so you can see what you have typed .

It's just all a big faff.

I prefer to write a post or comment through internet window rather than use the app.

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When i tried looking for it in the play storei couldn't find it as i had a friend (my Irish friend) was intrested in checking it out

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Tell them that it is annoying and it needs an update, pronto! :).

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