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Hi everyone

Following brain surgery my partner suffered seizures. 2 Tonic clonics then multiple Focal Seizures. He is on 1000mg Keppra and 300mg Epilium twice a day. We are now starting to wean him off Epilium and will do this over the next 6 weeks. My partner hasn't had a seizure since he was in hospital 6 weeks ago but with him coming off Epilium I know he is a potential seizure risk.

My question is, does anyone know if there are any warning signs of a seizure about to happen? Are there any feelings you get before it kicks in?

I'm going back to work in a weeks time and will obviously worry about my partner having a seizure so if we knew of warning signs he might be able to contact me to warn me it's going to happen so I can race home.

Thank you xx

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One thing that might help is a 'falls detector' linked to a lifeline box on the phone. If the person wearing it suddenly falls (as they would in a seizure) the alarm is raised and the person is called. If no reply from them, they person listed as their emergency number would be called.

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I was told that most people don't get warning signs ( but maybe some do ??)

I'm cutting my anti epileptic meds at the mo and for me it's also a bit scary as I live alone.

So far so good.

Good luck ☺


Unfortunately signs if there are any really depend on the person and the seizure, some folks do get some, be that feeling just plain odd, or a funny taste in their mouth, it's vaguely similar to migraine's in that way.

Unfortunately Epilepsy isn't fully understood, and various dectectors for folks tend to have a fairly low success rate.


My warning was always a noise that in the past had fascinated me being the sound of a tropical bird. Now if I hear it I feel terrible. I think other warnings are smells, and tastes. Either way once the warning comes the seizures will still come. The "falls belt"can be a help and a hindrance, and can only be used near the main unit. It's always better to get controlled by whatever means possible. I take 2 x 500mg of Epilim and 75mg of Lamotrigen twice daily, and although not that amount have been on the meds since 1985. A long time but still seeing a neurologist. Good luck to your partner and you.


I have epilepsy that started in 2015 when my brain tumour removed, I only have a seizure once every few months and have been told this is not considered serious. O live on my own at the moment and always call an ambulance when I have one. I currently take 2000MG of Kepra every day. I don't get warning signs, I just drop. Sorry that I can't be of any more help to you.


Thanks for all your replies.

When you have your seizures do you come out of them naturally? Really nervous about my partner having one with me not there.

I don't think he would be likely to have a Tonic Clonic as hopefully the Keppra will keep that at bay but I'm not a doctor and don't know for sure. All I was told was to time it and if it's longer than 5 minutes then to call for an ambulance but if I'm at work then he's on his own.

This is all very new to us 🤕



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