Terrific time this morning

Friends, we had terrific time this morning, I came from Mumbai to hyderabad to visit my sister and brother in law after his shunt installation. Suddenly this morning he had seizures I saw him trembling tremendously right in-front of me while my sister was holding him tight. I was very horrified as I saw this for the first time. My sister says once in every month it happens We give him tablet for this everyday though.


Can you all please share your ideas on this, like how often seizures happen? how to overcome this? How to avoid? are their any home remedies to avoid? What precautions? What instant action to be taken at the moment during the seizures? Most importantly will this reduce ever or stop? Pls respond with whatever information you have.

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There is no set pattern to seizures, they will happen frequently or infrequently, everyone is different. My generalised seizures used to occur about once a month, but now they are controlled I have partial seizures infrequently but in clusters.

Never ever hold a person during a seizure, NEVER hold them down, NEVER constrain the movement. Place them in the recovery position, make sure they are clear of objects and let the seizure run it's course. There is nothing else you can do aside from comforting them after the seizure. Sadly they seizures can't be avoided in any other way than medication. Talk to a doctor about finding the correct medication to control the epilepsy. It might be a long search but will ultimately be worth it.

If you need any further help, don't hesitate to ask.

Best wishes,


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hi andy thanks for the reply but what exactly you mean by clusters?


Clusters, groups. I will perhaps have three or four in a week, then none at all for two or three months


oh my god. I think same is the case with us. earlier it was once in a month and then it became once in 45 days thereafter once in 2 months. But this month its twice in 15 days. More worried wht to do.


Baron, I was watching your videos on you tube and became keen to know about your story. Do u mind sharing your case just to have a feel of relaxing that we are not the only ones.


If someone has developed epilepsy they will always be epileptic but the seizures are control with medication. There are lots of different anticonvulsant tablets and sometimes it can take a while of trying different ones to find what works best for each individual person. Sometimes it is because the dose needs to be increased. However, even when on the most effective dose of the tablet that works best for the person sometimes fits will still occur but that is usually occasionlly. Given time your sister may also realise if there are any triggers that cause the fit to happen which can be overly fatigued, flickering lights (can be certain tv programmes that has that flickering, illness etc. I am thinking that your brother in law will be having a follow up apt with a neurologist and they will consider the epilepsy. I am wondering if your sister is keeping a written record to show the neurologist of how often the fits occur, what they were like (description), and how long they lasted. I agree with the Baron that a person who is fitting should not be held tightly but lie them on their side and stay with them until the fit naturally ends.

Best wishes to you all


All I know it don't hug him. Make sure his head is in a safe place, make sure he is in a safe place and move anything around him. Speak to him conflating way but that's all you can do. As for the other things I will let others advise cause I don't know. Luv to you all x


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