The Providence of Coincidence

Hi friends! I just wanted to share a little story with you all :)

Last week, I walked into cvs which is a pharmacy/convenience stop and as I was checking out the cashier asked me if I had a cvs card. I looked at the cashier and told him I didn't and as I opened my wallet he said "Oh you do have a cvs card, it's right there!" I apologized to him and proceeded to explain that I have a brain injury and forget things sometimes-to which he responded- "Hey, so does my sister! She got into a car accident and has a tbi!" He gave me her phone number, I called her, and we're meeting together for coffee on Friday. The providence of coincidence... :)

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  • How fantastic, some people would just have looked, been embarrassed and ignored it. Hope its the start of a lovely friendship, where you can both help and support each other.

    Very best wishes, Molly

  • Thanks Molly, I met up with her yesterday. Definitely the start of a great friendship!! :)

  • Nice story! Hope the meeting goes well, pass on my best wishes

  • Thanks Baron :)

  • hey fantastic. one of my favorite things is sitting having a coffee!

  • I loveeee Coffee! But being middle eastern, I grew up on Chai tea so I'll always be a tea girl :) If I ever visit the uk we can grab a chai or coffee together!

  • More than welcome! Great to hear it went well, sound like it went better than that infact.

  • Aww this is great. It will be lovely for you to meet someone in the same situation and maybe a long friendship will come out of this strange happening. All the very best. Jo xx

  • It was Jo! We had so much in common just on our daily struggles, it was very sweet to talk to her :) Thanks for the best wishes!

  • State capital of Rhode Island! Damn I know my America!

  • lol. You don't know how hilarious I thought your comment was.

  • What a great story, I hope the coffee date goes well for you both :)

  • It went fantastic thanks Mike!

  • That's great :)

  • I think that's great ! It's hard for someone to really know what it feels like or explain to someone what feels like in your head. I think it's great! Enjoy the coffee and hope it turns out to be a nice friendship for both of you:) Niyani

  • Niyani, EXACTLY RIGHT. We shared stories and struggles and it was like finally someone understood what it was like to be in head! :) Definitely the start of a great friendship.

  • Lovely story Negeen. Hope your meeting goes well tomorrow and you've made a new friend.................please let us know how it goes. xx :-)

  • Thanks Cat! :) We went to coffee and she was so sweet! I've never had someone relate to me so much. She was saying everything I try so desperately to explain to everyone else. It's a friendship that is definitely continuing :) We're going to meet together every week!

  • that's great Negeen, really pleased for you. Here's to a longlasting new friendship for you! :-) xx

  • Thanks Shirley! Definitely going to be a friendship that lasts :)

  • :-) - Nice one B.S.A

  • only in america

  • lol what Barney you don't believe in providence happening in the uk? :) More like Only in Negeen's world...

  • Now that is a refreshing rarity.....

    and would recommend a chai tea latte, when in the uk even though i would think that sbucks does it in America.


  • So glad it went well. It's always nice when you can hangout and talk with someone who knows what you are feeling in your head. I 'm very happy for you Negeen I wish you were closer and we could go out for coffee:)

  • So what happened? Did you ever meet up wt her sister?

  • James, yes, we met. We're friends now and have lunch together regularly.

  • that is nice :)

  • Did you meet up? Are you still in touch?

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