hello everyone

I am posting because I am so proud that yesterday was my 38th wedding anniversary and I want to share this with you guys. I do know how very difficult life can be after a brain injury and surviving marriage and thats why I want to share our success

As some of you know I suffered a life threatening brain haemorrhage 9 years ago. Derek (hubby) and I struggled beyond believe (I know you guys no where I'm coming from with "struggled beyond believe"). I re-learnt how to walk, talk, eat, live, be happy and much much more.

Derek and I have been together since he was 19 and I 15. He is the love of my life and I will never be able to thank him enough for his love, caring, devotion and 38 years of happy, sad, difficult, funny, etc.... years of marriage

Marriage can survive extremely difficult times and we are proof of that....

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  • Wow Cindy your photos and your post are simply lovely. You both are a very special couple who have come through enormous adversity that has struck your lives together. Thank you for sharing x

  • What a lovely story. So happy for you both.

  • oooh Cindy! :)

    Many congratulations!

    Love all the photos..... coming up to the same anniversary myself soon! I haven't the nerve to put up any pics wish I did!

    It's been a bumpy old ride for us at times too.... but we seem to be doing ok, I had a brain tumour over twenty years ago now and still have wonky times but we seem to come through them. My adult children are a bit of a struggle though ....still....

    We met when I was 15 and he was 18 but did not start dating seriously till much later as I thought he was a bit too sure of himself at first. ha ha

    I definitely had a similar bouquet to yours! Got in the wedding car only to find a huge bumble bee lurking in the foliage!!

    Awww! Virtual bottle of bubbly over to you! Cheers ! xxx

  • Congratulations Jo !'s to many more m'dear. xxx

  • Many Congratulations! xxx

  • Congratulations! :)

  • Hello,

    Thank you so much for sharing.

    ANd I must share with you that even though I have never met either of you before, I found myself just mezmerized by the photo collection that you included; looking back and forth at your individual and together photos; wondering where? when? how old were you? etc. Wonderful!

    It was really amazing to see you change physically so gracefully over the years; you know what they say:"some things change. and some things stay the same"!

    It's wonderful that you have had such a long partnership to celebrate with one another; and to share with us--for inspiration, no doubt ?! :)

    THANKS & CONGRATS to you both!!


  • Lovely! Congratulations to you both! :) xx

  • Happy anniversary! Beautiful. Thank you for sharing

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