A lovely break

Not much to do with brain injury but just posting after having a short break down in Dorset and Devon.

Just me and my wife.....makes a change. Love the grandkids but it's nice to just chill.

Even claimed another eye/big wheel in Torquay....Not good with my fear of heights but a great view of Torbay.

Now just the 5 hour journey home. Ok nearer 10 if you include the stops.

Oh an off to a wedding tomorrow . ...Oh the busy hectic life I lead.

Tried uploading a pic but it will not load..sorry

Hope everyone is well.


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  • Off for a break next week too. But I won't be going on a wheel. I loathe heights. Yes the journey are a pain, but necessary.

    Glad you had a good time.

  • Never been down to Devon but I know many people who've fallen in love with the place. Well done for braving the Eye Pax ! I imagine it's not as scary as open rides as you're in a pod. (I should talk ; I go into meltdown on 'down' escalators !)

    Glad to hear you and Mrs Pax had some 'you' time. Enjoy the wedding. Love Cat x

  • Devon is great and yes the eye was enclosed......Only way I would go on as have a tenancy to want to jump....Not the best thing to do I know.

    Yes had a great time and finally got home after the long drive back.

    Time for beat sleep now before wedding tomorrow.


  • Have a great day tomorrow Pax ! xx

  • Thanks will do as ordered.


  • Hi Pax, Jules here

    Great news you and Mrs Pax got some chilling time together... I know Bude quite well - beautiful scenery and beach memories.

    We have inherited a Dalmatian now so will be looking for a country retreat with him soon (hopefully)



  • Kept to south Devon this time. Although all Devon is beautifully. Then again I think I am lucky living in Yorkshire ..God's own county.

    Pax x

  • Hi Pax

    Lovely to hear from you agsin. I was at uni down in Devon. Lovely area. Do people down there still call everyone 'my lover' all the time?

    Must get back one day, do a rekkie see how much it has all changed...

  • Yep you can hear the locals end a sentence with " my lover" all the time. I know I am getting old but when an eighty plus woman says it to you it startles you a little......mind you when it's a man I choke on my latte.

    Great place as I said before.

    Pax x

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