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cannabis oil ???

Hi everyone, my son suffered a suspected brain injury boxing. He was rushed to hospital with a suspected bleed ( all signs were there ) but CT scan came back clear and was sent home with info about concussion. 4 months later and endless trips back to a&e and the gp ( who blames stress!!) and he is still at his wits end.Has finally been referred to a neurologist ( after demanding it) and still waiting on an appointment...in the meantime still suffering from headaches that keep him in bed and episodes where he feels he is only part conscious. He has really tried to help himself- going to a chiropractor every week and even attending yoga and meditation classes but still feels lousy. In his words " he feels like he has lost 4 months out of his life" . For a young lad who used to train every day, runs miles every day and is at uni its become hard for him. He has mentioned trying cannabis oil . I would like him to get a medical opinion first but understand that he is willing to try anything to feel better, just wondered if anyone has used this for post concussion syndrome and did it have positive results? thanks

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Hi Joben I remember your first post, it is still early, post concussion syndrome can last for months and months, I know it isn't easy for your son but this is a consequence of his sport that he will have to live with.

Personally I haven't tried cannabis oil and do not know of many who have, perhaps someone will reply with the information you require, there is no quick fix that I am aware of for brain injury, it is what it is.

I do hope his appointment comes soon, acupuncture helped me with my neurological pain, as does reflexology

Best wishes


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Do a bit of research on the endocannabinoid system.

There is astounding amounts of evidence and research from around the world on cannabinoids and the whole plant entourage effect.

I cannot give you any advice on this due to the current legal status in the uk, however there are increasing numbers of countries that are changing their legal status any many medical professionals passionately supporting its use for many conditions including neurological.

You are on the right path and I know once you have read the real information on this, it will quickly make your mind up for you.


Another option, try diet. Tina M Sullivan Nourish your Noggin. Herbs like ginger, cinnamon, dark chocolate, avocado. See if he feels a difference. Cut down on sugar and similar. Also the book by Dr Diane on recovering from PCS - drdiane.com

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Cannabidoil (CBD) is perfectly legal as it's had the psychoactive elements of the plant filtered out. Try Googling CBD Brothers for more information on the different methods of ingesting the oil. They supply oil for dropping directly under the tongue, capsules for swallowing and vaping oil, as well as suppositories.

I bought the blue CBD oil from them and only stopped using it as I found it stained my lower teeth. But others have said they haven't had that problem. There are a couple of members who swear by CBD oil for general wellbeing and help in reducing pain & stress and aiding sleep. I think I paid around £15 for a small bottle which would last a few weeks.

Best wishes, Cat x


I have tried CBD oil before, you can get it online from a few retailers. Personally I felt it didn't do much for me but a few other people have also tried it and they say it helps with pain and their sleep. It might not seem to have much affect on me because I don't experience much pain and my sleep pattern is a lot better than it was.

I eat a lot cleaner, natural foods which I find has helped greatly and I also use essential oils. I started out using Frankincense essential oil because I have read a number of times that it is good at healing the brain.

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what I will say it does tremendous things as I tried it but in order to make sure its made right you have to either it be legal were you are,or if not person who knows alot about this an doses as saw many go wrong basically because its not made properly,so it stones them an doesn't give the oil benefit,so I be careful if doing this way as you need an expert on the oils if doing it by other methods,hope you find answers helpful;not tried Cannabidoil (CBD),so cannot give anything on itif its legal or not as not tried it


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