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Lavender oil capsules


👋 any advice would be appreciated, my wonderful grandson who is 14 years old had a panic attack, my son and daughter in law took him to the hospital and spent 6hours waiting to be seen, but at last the doctor who saw him said everything was ok so go home and rest. He has recently been so upset because his best friend his dog Tim who was 15 year old had to be put to sleep, Harry was and is devastated. My grandson is on the scale of autistic, he suffers from auto sensitive disorder, not copying with noise and other problems which he deals with as best as he can.

My daughter in law made an appointment to see his doctor it took (two weeks) ( unbelievable) the doctor has told him that everybody suffers from panic attacks and that was that. I read Doctor Max in the daily mail saying lavender oil capsules are amazing and are not addictive. Question has anybody else tried these capsules and if you have how did they help you? Also, as my grandson is 14 will they be ok for him. Also where can I buy them from. With great full thanks Love Liz x

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Hi Liz, I don't know anything about lavender oil but what struck me from your post was the attitude of the GP. My advice is to research other doctor surgeries and ask the patients what the doctors are like, find the best one and move to them. In my experience doctor does not always know best.

Also contact autistic groups and get advice on the issue of panic attacks and also how to deal with GPs.

We must also remember doctors are under a lot of pressure with all the cuts and workloads.

Fight on.

1949liz in reply to pinkvision

Thank you so much thank you for your wonderful information can you tell me the name of the product in which I order as when I asked at Holland and Barret they said it was not available? It sounds just what Harry needs Many Many Thanks for your prompt reply Love Liz 🌹

1949liz in reply to pinkvision

Thanks for your reply I also agree with you about his doctor I think it’s diabolical but that’s the NHS for you today. Many Thanks Liz x🌹

Hello my lovely,

I'm a registered nurse and I will tell you what I know about essential oil capsules given to people with autism. I'll list what is appropriate and the symptoms it is supposed to help with. These are suitable for young adolescents.

Cedederwood - positive effects to help calm and relax.

Lavender - to help reduce anxiety.

Vetiver - to help oxygenate brain cells.

Bergamot - to promote joy

Camomile - to help alleviate stress and anxiety.

I would think these could be purchased somewhere like Holland and Barret. I really hope your grandson experiences a positive effect if taken. If I can help with anything please just ask.

I wish you and your family peace, happiness and good luck,


Hi Liz. I'm sorry to hear of your grandson's panic attacks ; a full blown attack can be devastating. The most effective remedy for me (after trying everything else) was walking briskly for however long it took for the attack to abate (usually between 10 & 20 mins.

The action of fast walking demands 'proper' breathing where the lungs fill deeply with Oxygen and converts to sufficient Carbon Dioxide to calm the system. We need the correct balance of Oxygen and CO2 in our brains and, though there are many other methods of restoring this balance, I found the walking cure the quickest and most effective.

Also it's a natural activity which (especially in children) isn't so 'weird' as breathing into a paper bag or other exercises and also proves that the attack isn't a symptom of dying...…….something I know is forefront in the mind during severe panic attacks.

So the walking is a great way of confidence building and reassurance once practiced two or three times.

I've found a link which might explain it further. Hope this helps !

Love Cat x

cat3 in reply to cat3

PS....walking may feel counter-intuitive when feeling so rough but if you (or parents) can convince your lad it's a long-term solution it'll always be a handy tool for him whenever needed ! xx

1949liz in reply to cat3

Hi Cat, thank you so much for the information I have read the pages and they are extremely helpful, I will download them and give a copy to my son, and Emma my daughter in law so they can help Harry to understand what is going on in His body Again Many Many Thanks Love Liz x🌹

Hi Liz, I'm a qualified aromatherapist. I would not suggest you take essential oils internally without the oversight of a trained practitioner who has experience of working as a therapist with clients who have successfully taken essential oils internally for known ailments. I am grateful to Vikki the nurse for suggesting using essential oils. However Vikki's suggestions would be appropriate for massaging into the skin in a base oil of sweet almond 10mls plus addition of 3 drops of essential oil in this ratio.

Reasoning is this. If I sat in a bath of Cedarwood it would burn my skin. If taken internally where weakness in food, blood, air, cell or lymph pathways pre-exist, and lets say it was taken at night so the person lay in the same position for 2-3 hours during sleep, it could also burn a hole internally where it rested if it hadn't fully dispersed itself.

Lavender in high doses in the bath would also burn my skin. Same as above applies.

Bergamot has a lemon constituent which makes the pores of the skin more porous and this would also apply internally. If I added Bergamot to a lavender bath, my skin would soak up more lavender, my skin would be more porous with the bergamot penetrating deeper into the skin membrane and allowing lavender to travel with it.

Vetivert is a thick viscous oil and I have never heard of taking this internally. It is soporific or causing drowsiness and I would not suggest this oil for autistic people where it may cause a sense of being out of control which could cause panic.

Camomile depending on the type (German chamomile is a NO NO to use, it is the cheapest type) is gentle if it is Roman Chamomile and can be used one drop directly on children under 5 for baby eczema, red rashes, swelling, anything that makes a baby scream as it tends to relax and calm. I say this to demonstrate how gentle it is. Internally I would not use it or recommend it. It is more powerful as a muscle relaxant.

A reminder that the base of many of the pharmaceutical concoctions in your bathroom cabinet come directly from essential oils.

Dr Max is recommending lavender capsules for anxiety. Your grandson would be far better placed to treat the root cause of the problem, vitamin D3 deficiency. 80% of randomised trial participants had reduced autistic symptoms after taking D3.

This link has a 5 minute video which shows you the journey of supplements and autism.

I suggest to get him started right away on Immiflex. There is a version of Immiflex for kids but I would recommend he is an adult and his requirement would benefit from the maximum recommended dose

See this link:

It says in this article that some docs recommend taking up to 4 per day.

You can buy Immiflex cheaply in bulk from UK website Dolphin Fitness.

Me Personally

I purchased a herbal formula for gut problems from a herbalist of 25 years and he used black pepper, juniper and peppermint internally. If used in a liquid format dropped into liquid and used sparingly like one or two drops, essential oils will dissipate in the body more safely. Putting them into capsules I find needless and potentially harmful.

I use one drop of peppermint or spearmint essential oil in one pint of water for headaches and for indigestion. It works within 10 minutes like a charm.

I use several drops of sweet orange, lemon, lime, essential oil in smoothies or cakes or biscuits or chocolates.

Essential Oils and Panic Attacks

Petitgrain can be used if it is left in the bottle! Buy 2.5mls or 5mls and use it as a sniffer oil when in a panic attack or before feeling it coming on, feeling sweating, getting hot, fast heart beat. This is effective if repeated deep sniffs of the bottle occur. Can be used with drops on a cotton handkerchief and tucked inside a pillow slip. Lavender will also calm on a handkerchief in this way.

Lastly, it seems to be your grandson is suffering loss and grief. The best essential oil for this is rose essential oil which is very expensive so easier is to buy roses for a month and replace a fresh vase by his bed every week so they emit a strong smell. He will smell at night which will help his dreaming and moving on. Frankincense is the oil of letting go so if he continues to talk over the same incident of loss then Frankincense can be used as a sniffer, on the skin, or on the pillow.

Disclaimer: The above recommendations are purely suggestions and you may proceed at your own risk as I no longer practice and do not have insurance to be able to give out advice.

1949liz in reply to RecoveringH

Thank you for your in-depth knowledge I shall download all this info and read it carefully

Many Thanks Liz x🌹

Hello Liz, I feel deeply for your dear grandson who is dealing with so many challenges. The loss of a pet devastates even adults, of course.

I am not at all an expert on autism or aromatherapy but I will tell you that based on an article about some research at Harvard, my husband for a time used lavender oil when he golfed. He did not take pills, he simply put a couple of drops on a little cloth and breathed in the aroma once or twice over the course of his practice rounds. The study in the article indicated that athletes performed better when they did this. I think it had to do with the calming effect -- it kept people from letting their tense thoughts get in the way of their talent.

I mention this because of the caution that one feels about ingesting such substances and the dangers mentioned by someone else above.

Wishing you and your family healing.

1949liz in reply to TaIaV

Thanks for your kind words, I also agree with you about taking the medication by mouth but what I am going to do is suggest the walking as Cat has said and the breathing, also I shall buy some lavender oil and have it put on his pillow at night just to see if he sleeps better. Again many thanks for your advice and everyone’s advice. Love Liz x🌹

Hi Liz, My daughter got them in her teens so we took her to Doctors and she listened to her heart/lungs all okay. My Daughter couldn't swallow when she got them. So when her Doc said all is fine she skipped out of surgery nearly. She always carries peppermints and water with her and knows it is scary when she gets one. but she sucks on mint and sips water. If really bad she goes to bed. Also our neighbour thought he was having a heart attack and the ambulance arrived and said that was a panic attack. Horrible things to have and scares us and the more scared we get the more we panic. So Daughter who is now 40 has learnt to live with them. She sleeps it off the real bad ones and as she has got more confident she doesn't panic as much.. But the more she panics the worse they get a nasty thing to have. Lots of people have them, I had them as a kid and couldn't swallow on tomatoes, always choked on skin !! mints and water help when mouth get dry. Good luck I do not know about Lavender apart from when in my change xxxx Hope he stops getting them soon Xxxx Good luck to you All xxxx

1949liz in reply to WinB

Hi Win, thanks so much we will try anything so as Harry loves mints I shall buy him some and as he only drinks water I shall make sure he has everything he needs With Love Liz x🌹

My Daughter cannot eat out as she feels food will choke her, it is a nasty thing to get Liz once again, try anything and guess what ..Daughter is now my Carer ha ha xxxx

1949liz in reply to WinB

How lovely 😊 I am sure she is extremely sensitive to all your needs Love Liz x🌹

WinB in reply to 1949liz

Noo but she is a Lovely Daughter and getting bossy as she is Carer ha ha. Good luck with son. We go shopping together lots xx Keep your chin up liz xxxx no need to answer this Keep well

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