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Thanks for reading my message, sorry I've not replied to anyone so I'm writing a new post, I forget then don't know what to write, I think I'm just over 6 years since my accident and I got craniotomy and back of skull removed to get rid of a blood clot, first day I remembered was the day I got discharged out the hospital and didn't know why I was there and that half my skull was missing, it wiped my full memory of my life so I felt like I was born in 2011, my memory did come back through time right enough but the old me never and this is what I have to try and deal with now I suppose, the headaches I got where excruciating and took over my life and I took all sorts of pain relief from Gp who tried to help but they know nothing about head trauma so then I got referred to a neuropsychologist and he recommended pain killers and they took my headaches away completely so when I feel one coming on I just take the meds, it's really difficult because no one understands head injuries/brain damage and I suppose I never either until I suffered mines in 2011 and it's not just one thing I suffer from as a result, I gained a lot of weight, I suffer from tinnitus, no sense of taste or smell, tiredness and can't sleep at night, anger and snappy at others, I'm bad with time if someone says I'll meet you at 1pm and they turn up at 1.05 I get irritated, very impatient, memory loss the list goes on, I done headway groups but it was just playing games and so on so ever went back now I've just found this group and can hopefully learn how to try and deal with problems reading how members deal with there's just pity I've found it 6 years down the line, I suppose I'm 36 and still young so can hopefully learn and deal with my probs on here and don't push loved ones away because of how I act at this present moment,

thanks Chris

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  • Hi Chris,

    Firstly, I think you went to the wrong things at Headway. They also have proper meetings where people can talk about their problems and others can suggest helping strategies (a bit like this forum) and not a game in sight (although the one we went to had lovely hand made cakes)!! Ask what is available.

    Secondly, I think everyone here will agree, the hard thing is to let go of the 'old' you and learn to live with the 'new' one. Have you been to counselling? That can help you learn how to deal with some of your problems, teach you coping strategies.

    As you say, very few people understand head injuries but there are leaflets available from Headway that you could download and pass on to friends and family in the hope that they might understand a bit more of what you are going through and how to help.

    All the best. Keep posting on here, there is loads of help available from our members who are a lovely bunch of people. You are not alone and you can learn how to deal with some of your problems.


  • The headway I went to that's all that was done, when I started going everyone spoke about the reasons why they attend the group but that was the first week or 2 then it was drink tea/coffee and just play dominos chess bingo quizzes and games like that, I stay in a Glasgow post code and was told I couldn't come to the Glasgow headway as I stayed in the wrong area and had to go to the Lanarkshire one and went for a few months but really didn't find it helpful at all as I wanted to learn from people's past experiences and how they manage to cope with how they are now, I don't know if all headway groups are ran different depending on who's running them but that's my experience of it, what sort of counselling is it your talking about and how do I go about getting it because I've got a app with my Gp next week and can suggest it to him, thanks Chris

  • Ask your gp about the counselling - he should be able to help and Headway can also arrange it. During the counselling sessions they will talk to you about the problems you are having and help you to find ways of dealing with some of the behaviours you are finding challenging (for example, getting annoyed if people are late). It can't do any harm and you may find it really helpful, I know I do.


  • Thanks I'll say to my Gp next week when I see him, Chris

  • Hi Jan can you give me a number so I can contact headway about getting referred to a counsellor I just went to Gp and they gave me antidepressants and said they will refer me to a physiatrist if the tablets don't work in 3/4 weeks they just wouldn't listen to what I said about getting counselling about my head injury, thanks Chris

  • Hi Chris. I had a haemorrhage in Dec 2011 and I share your frustration with the after effects. The headaches, fatigue, feelings of anger & impatience (& memory issues for me) are all classic symptoms after any brain injury, but coming here among others with the same issues has been a massive boost to my sanity !

    Hope you find the counselling helpful ! xx

  • Hi there, I was run over by a taxi in 2011 and it has obviously changed my life, it's only my partner and family who see what I'm like with my symptoms and behaviour but my friends think I'm just the same person because I don't see them all the time and maybe only for a few hours a week if that, it's hard because I don't notice what I'm like until I get told then get I depressed, it's no way to live so something needs to be done about it so hopefully counselling helps and I started the gym to lose weight but it's hard finding motivation to go it's hard finding motivation to do anything really because I could easily stay in the house and hibernate, so my goal is to get out and do stuff and be more active and get help and get on top of this horrible injury and take control of my life for the better and stop letting it bring me down, thanks Chris

  • Hi Chris it doesn't matter if you reply to people its the reading of what people say to you that can matter. I would say from my experience and also dealing with a partner who has a more severe bi that you need to grab all the help you can get. I don't know if you've been seen and assessed by a rehab team. If you haven't then you need to go and see your doctor, they would be able to offer help in dealing with moods and memory. I have got my partner linked with my care coordinator which was through our surgery to go to a few different groups. One is a walking group as its something he enjoys, and also a men in sheds where he can make things, grow things which is another interest of his. The whole idea is keep him calm, active (as he has just been sitting and knows he's putting weight on) its to help lift his mood and to give him. If you could link up through a rehab unit, or through the care coordinator at your surgery there maybe a group set up that links to something you enjoy doing, rather than playing games. If you reach out chris and tell people you want help or support it is out there. The hardest part is initially finding it.

    I hope that helps


  • Thanks Angie I'll suggest this stuff to my Gp next week, it's not fair on my partner and my family but they do there best trying to deal with it while I sit there and don't notice I do anything until I get told then I get depressed but then I forget all about it and just go back to the way I was, so now I've joined this group I'm going to get help and make my life and people's life's round me better and easier, thanks Chris

  • Chris it takes a lot of courage to come onto a forum and tell strangers about your life. What you are dealing with sounds so much like my partner. Yes it is difficult for family to live with someone who has a bi, but they love you. For them its a good idea to get use to see the signs of your mood swings. You won't realise it, but you will show it in your body language. I would tell your wife that there are groups for her to.

    I am glad that you will go and see your gp, I would arrange it today while you remember, do it while its fresh in your mind. We look forward to hearing from you on here, and getting to know you :-)


  • Hi Chris, I think Headway do leaflets to hand in to your GP surgery, they're meant to help educate the GPs' too, because there's such a lack of knowledge, to be fair not every GP can see the whole range of illnesses.

    My GP admitted I was the only one in their practice with my problems and that they were learning from me! Nice of him to be honest, and he does listen when I need to go, but I've done so much internet searching for information, but I've got the time, sometimes not the inclination.

    Hope you make progress, in my health trust I had to refer myself for counselling, they do the same for physiotherapy, it was much quicker than waiting for the GP to do it.

    Best wishes

    Janet x

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