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So it's been 9 weeks since SAH, I went for Mother's Day lunch with all my family. I ended up an emotional wreck and that started before I left the house! So whilst waiting for our lunch I had a glass of wine and lemonade to help me calm down and sipped it calmly for two hours and then was sorry I had had it incase I had caused any damage to my post op brain. Shattered then and home to bed by teatime. I don't even drink wine!! So confused and very tearful.

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Don't worry, drinking one glass of diluted wine in 2 hours isn't going to do you any harm. Sorry that your lunch was spoiled. 9 weeks is still early in terms of brain recovery so don't get too stressed over it all. Just take it a bit easier for the moment, overdoing it will make you tired and emotional. Explain to your family that, although you love doing things as normal, at the moment you need a bit more space and calm. They should understand. Maybe just have a quiet lunch with them individually rather than a big event.

Don't worry, I am sure you are doing fine.


Can I just add that although that glass of wine has probably done no harm, alcohol and brain injuries do not mix. I was told by my consultant that I should avoid alcohol permanently.

The effect that alcohol has on the brain is not good so probably didn't help your mood, alcohol is a depressant not a pick me up. It was probably just the stress of the day, don't worry, very early days, be kind to yourself xxxx

Janet x

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Sorry your day was such a challenge Pammy. But your reaction is classic after a brain injury as so many people report 'meltdowns' when at gatherings.

I recently got all dressed up for my sister-in-law's special birthday party at a nearby venue and, though I knew all the people there (who are so lovely) I could only stay for an hour before feeling thoroughly exhausted and confused.

Nine weeks is such a short time in terms of recovery for a brain injury, so congratulate yourself for even making it to the restaurant in the first place and, in future, maybe try just going with someone for coffee & cake so the occasion isn't so demanding.

It'll take time to gauge what you can & can't cope with and, though it's good to stretch your limits now & then, don't ever be afraid to say no to stuff you know you're not ready for.

Best wishes, Cat x


Hi Pammy I'm sorry to hear you became confused and tearful at your lunch. Don't be to hard on yourself, its early days and it all takes time. Its only natural to feel overwhelmed by everything and being out socially can be a lot to deal with.

I hope you feel calmer today x


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