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Hello. I'm new to the forum so I just wanted to introduce myself. I had a bike accident at the beginning of September that left be in a very bad way and have been in hospital ever since. Fortunately, for me and my family, I am due to get discharged very soon but unfortunately I know that will be just the start of the next chapter in this, life changing, journey.

Well I hope i contribute to some of the discussions as well as seeking answers and advice.

Thanks for having me!


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  • Hi Neil and welcome. We look forward to getting to know you. They are a great lot of people on here and if you need anything, just tell us.

    Yes, your life will be different now, but not necessarily bad, just not the life you knew before.

    Good luck with your recovery, it will be lovely for you to be out of hospital after such a long time.


  • Hi Neil and welcome to the site. I'm relatively new here and have found it and the people very helpful, it's a good place to be. :-)

  • Welcome Dougie ! This forum has been my lifeline for over 4 years and I can't recommend It highly enough. ;-)

    You'll find a mix of interesting, kind, supportive, funny, slightly crazy, folk here so I hope we'll see more of you once you're settled back home. Six months is a long hospital stay and you seem prepared for some changes ahead ; I hope we can help you along the way.

    All best wishes, Cat x

  • Hello Dogie, Jules here

    Welcome, i was a newbie once and know that these kind, knowledgeable people will become a lifeline in your recovery over the coming years - i was/am a biker, my crash was in 2010.

    Kindest Regards



  • Hi Neil and welcome to the board...sorry you have the need to be here though ;)

    Six months is a horrible length of time to be stuck in hospital... I suspect "a bad way" must have been downplaying the extent of your injuries a wee bit huh?

    Look forward to getting to know you. Hoppe you get home and get settled there soonest. It will likely seem very strange indeed after all that time.

  • welcome neil ,you will find a whole lot of support on here from many many people

    I could not do with out it


  • Thank you all for the kind welcome messages.

  • Hi Dougieunited welcome to the forum I'm sorry to hear about your accident. We look forward to hearing more from you

  • Welcome dougie. Stick around - there a couple of other bikers on here for sure. Hope and pray your recovery continues apace.

  • Hi & welcome,

    Usual rules - keep your hand on your wallet, don't go out with anyone after dark or around a full moon :-)

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