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First post!!!

Hello all! I am new to this....what to say well i took brain anurysm in november 2012 it came with no warning 3 weeks in hospital enjoying the fact i was stiill alive!😀 it was when i came

Out the problems began struggling emotionaly, mentaly and phisically. I am in the process of moving to a 1 bedroom ground floor flat which will help me cope better. So hi to all on here and hopefully i will be back 😉

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Hello Bette and welcome. You'll find many folk here who've struggled with the after effects of brain injury and learned different ways of coping and others who, perhaps like yourself, are still learning and struggling with new limitations & symptoms.

My SAH was three+ years ago and I think I've finally found my level and accepted who I've become over that period.

I hope you'll feel free to ask anything and join in with member's discussions whenever you wish.

See you soon I hope. Love Cat x


Welcome Bette

Everyone here is on their own journey, but we have lots of hints and tips about how to make the most of this path we are travelling along the way. It might not be where we were planning life to take us, but we seem to find that with a bit of good humour, a bit of help from one another, and taking one day at a time, we manage to find a way through.

Hope you will find it useful - I know as a relative newbie myself I have found both the information and camaraderie invaluable already.

Hope the move goes well too!


Hi Bette

Welcome and I hope you find as much support and as many useful ideas as I have.

Love n hugs


Hi Bette and welcome

Great that you have joined this site. You can post on here anytime and always get a reply and support.

Good luck with your move and look forward to hearing from you more xx


Good morning Bette. Similar to you, my husband had a burst aneurysm October 2012, and has made really good progress after a very poor prognosis and 5 months in hospital (he had a stroke as a result too) . Its a long hard road isn't it, but with hard work things do get better and better. Good luck with your move. Living on one level definitely helps. All the best. Molly x


Hi to all who gave me hope and strength...today i got into a tizzy, i am not used to downsizing trying to pack get rid of a lot of stuff.. a charity came today and lifted brick a brack thats only the start lot more to go..also going through memories i still have my sons arm bands when they where born they are now 36 and 34...... i get very frustrated as cant ddo what i used to be able to do.....get tired easily. the support you have gave me has brought me round, i am not going to let this beat me as best move i have ever made

😃 thanks it great knowing you all understand


Hi wlecome!


Hi Bette I had brain haemorrhage last year and still have aneurysms it is tough at times so I'm taking one day at a time hope your move goes well


Hi Bette

Welcome to the site, it's a great bunch of people offering loads of help and support

Hope the move goes well :-)


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