Having a Coco in my life is my best medicine

Coco my little dog has been very entertaining today if she's not been running around with her toys. She's been barking at dogs on tv adverts. She eats only healthy food that we prepare, as she's very fussy. But she's had a day where she's wanted what I have cereal earlier then mash potatoes at teatime. Then flops at the side of me and snores her head off. But her antics and her funny moments take my mind off pain ♡♥♡♥☆☆☆☆☆

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  • Bless her. She sounds adorable. I think having pets is really therapeutic. I wouldn't be without my cats.

  • Hi Icd8 they definitely are, I use to have a cat and she was also a little character. Your missing out on something special I feel if you don't have animals in your life :-)

  • Absolutely! I have a tabby cat who sleeps on the fur throw on my bed and two working Border Collies and a JRTxChihuahua who share my life (attached to an oxygenator). they are delightful but do create vast amounts of dust alas! Apart from their gorgeousness the fact that their lives have different, far simpler priorities is a constant 'grounding' for me...

  • and for them my constant 'static' presence means that they are never alone (except when I go to hospital of course)...

  • I missed my little Jack Russell when I was in the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit in Bristol but a couple of times a lovely little "therapy " dog was brought in and really cheered folks up. They're such great companions when you're feeling low.

  • My daughter was in two different rehab units. The first had nurses who didn't like dogs. We brought our little dog to visit and the door was opened by one of the patients. He was overjoyed saying he hadn't seen a dog in nearly a year due to the extent of his injury and extended time in rehab. Great therapy for him. We then took dog to my daughter's room and were promptly turfed out to the garden by the head nurse. At that point in her healing my daughter couldn't recognise the dog as her own.

    The next rehab had nurses that were all dog owners and lovers. We brought our dog and he was welcomed with open arms. We then started a trend because other visitors saw us and remarked that they too were going to bring their dog in. My daughter recognised her dog by this stage but as soon as we took him out, she couldn't remember him having been to see her. That's post traumatic amnesia for you.

  • They are amazing people dont give them enough credit. I've had to rest alot lately and today I was having some rest and Coco lay on my bed with me. When I woke up she had moved up close to me, facing me with her front paws on my hand. It is an amazing feeling when you have such a close loving friendship x I'm glad your dog was there whilst your daughter was in rehab. I hope she's improving x

  • Hi Jules how are you doing x

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