Enjoying things you love

Enjoying things you love

Oh how I have enjoyed this #sundaymorning with my first love #painting ! It's so important to never forget your first love in whatever makes you smile. It's part of who you are so it's important to keep it going. Then off to some serious yoga with @charliemorganyoga . Hope you can make some time to do something you love this #Sunday . #motivation #lovepainting #timeout #metime #itsallaboutme #enjoyinglife #healthylifestyle #scenicview #lovethis

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  • lovely painting. What is the location?

    I am off to my art (painting) class today. :) Keep painting!

  • Lake District Ambleside

  • Oh I would love to have a view to sit and look out and paint as you have, you sound like your spot on with your sunday, looking after body and soul I like that :-)

  • I think I would paint all day if I could sit by that window with that view...its beautiful.

    I am a firm believer in doing something that feeds your soul...

  • Kavib what a lovely post, thank you for sharing your wonderful painting & positive message. I think it's so easy to let burden, pain & worry take over (I know I do), your post is a reminder that simple pleasures that please our authentic selves are essential for wellbeing.

    Best wishes


  • Nice view.....and you're right people often forget to do the little things that bring them joy. I like painting too......nice picture by the way

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