Vision training

I know there has been a little interest in this as an aid to vision and balance problems.

I attended my 5th session yesterday and am riding it most beneficial.

The sessions have highlighted where damage has occurred and I undertake various exercises to try and mitigate that problem.

I asked where people could find out about this service more readily so I could pass the info on here and there is an association of behavioural optometrists who have a list of membes so you can find your nearest one. Evidently not all deal with adult brain injury patients but prefer to deal with children with behavioural problems linked to their eyesight.

I have personally found this useful. It does no harm to enquire.

Janet x

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  • Hi Janet and thanks for the information.

    Can I also recommend neuro physiotherapy. The eye exercises work for me and doing them daily allows me to maintain a level of function.

    Love n hugs


  • I haven't had any medical care to do (directly, anyway) with my TBI, for years and years and years, but I am doing lots of exercises myself, anyway.

    Vision: I have the right side of my visual field missing - when I look in a mirror, I can see everything to my left side, but nothing of my right, as it is just a blur. If I look over to my right, fine, I can see over there, but not if I am looking forward.

    Also, if I look down, I can see two images - the 'real' one. and a dimmer one, off to the right, lower, and wonky. I try to look down, anyway, to strengthen the 'correct' image. It is working, slowly, but I have been doing it for more than a decade, so it is VERY slow. When I am walking (which I do a lot of, as I can't drive!), I now always look down at the floor (moving my eyes, but not my head), so I can see the two images (and I know which one is the 'right' one). It *is* getting easier, but *very* slowly.

    Balance: When I first went back to work (in early 2007), I used to walk down the side of the wide stairs at the train station, holding on to the bannister. Now, I *always* walk up and down the stairs, right in the middle, being proud of myself, that my balance is so much better. Likewise, whenever I put my trousers on, now, I *have* to do it, standing unsupported, lifting one leg up putting that trouser leg on, then putting the foot down; then the other leg. I insist. I think, before the accident, I often used to sit on the bed, but now I make myself do it standing up, as an exercise. I am probably daft, but I am sure that this type of exercise is improving my balance (slowly, but...).

  • Hi Flump, I had got to the limit of how I could help myself, so needed professional input as to the type of excercise that would help. This lady has been invaluable and she is amazed at how quickly I am improving.

    I have some visual neglect to my right side and we are now working on making my eyes work better together to improve that visual field.

    My balance has improved so much and I attribute these excercises combined with the Tai Chi I do weekly to that improvement.

    I hope the teaching goes well for you.

    Take care Janet x

  • Hello Janet, Jules here.

    Thanks for telling me - i want to look into for myself - but mainly for mum.

    I am being really dim here but i dont understand - is there a name/contact or web address or something.

    I might have missed a previous post you have done.

    Lovely hearing from you anyway



  • Hi Jules, I hadn't given a web address but that was me being lazy. this is the web address for the association of behavioural optometrists they have a list of their members Ok

    Janet x

  • Thank you Janet



  • That info is now winging its way across (down?) to West Africa for mum to read.


  • Really glad you're finding these therapies so helpful Janet ; I do admire your perseverance. Lots of love, Eileen xxx

  • I'm persevering Eileen, this weather doesn't help at all. I wake every morning with a funny head, but it's been funny ever since the encephalitis, I had hoped I'd get used to it, but no change yet after 5 years.

    Just got back from visiting Jenny in Wigan Infirmary, she's been there since her second round of chemo, they say she has an infection but she says they gave her a wry large dose of the chemo, so is wondering if they are being just a bit too aggressive with her treatment. She's hoping to be out on Tuesday, but quite content to stay put at the mo.

    Speak again soon

    Janet xx

  • Thanks m'love ; take care ! xxx

  • I must say you are very motivated, I hope you are still enjoying your classes and are keeping well; I often waken with funny heads too, that's how I know if I'm on a good day or a restful day! xx

  • Hi Peaches, it's not easy keeping motivated as I'm sure you know, but I'm determined to reach new dizzying heights this year! Not literally of coursešŸ˜„

    This is the year of stabilising weight etc etc. Well I hope so anyway.

    Take care Janet x

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