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i had stents and coils fitted into my aneurysm in 2012 unfortunately it was found to have grown, and was due to have angiogram to see if they could recoil. Whilst walking my dog in January my aneurysm burst, thanks to the amazing surgeons at Salford Royal, I survived. My aneurysm was recoiled and I have recovered well, and this may sound petty now but I have a very large bald spot from all the X-rays, I was just wondering how long this takes to recover, I'm not vain and can do a Bobby charlton with it but just curious xx

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I never heard of ex-rays causing hair loss Ali so I Googled it. Everything I read suggests it isn't the case, according to experts and various people working in radiography. Were they standard ex-rays you had or MRI/CT scans ?

I had a SAH 5 years ago and was treated at Salford Royal. My aneurism was coiled and I had both MRI and CT scans, followed by more follow-up MRIs at 6 then 12 month intervals.

My friend lost all her hair last year after chemotherapy and it grew back after a couple of months, but of course that's a completely different process.

Could it be coincidence, or even alopecia from the stress ? Cat x

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Hi cat3, I wasn't really with it at the time, but my sister tells me I had a scan at Tameside, to confirm the bleed, then further two at Salford, surgery the following day, which is done under a scanner. The booklet they gave me does say hair loss can happen due to x Ray's during the procedure, and normally is temporary. It is the size of a saucer and can comb it over, it just all broke off there was no roots, so watch this space. I have coloured it since I've been home so will be interesting to see what colour it grows back lol


Exactly the same pattern for me Ali except my first scan was at Wythenshawe hospital (my nearest major hospital) before transfer to Salford.

It's really interesting about the hair loss and it seems (other than in chemo) not widely known. You mention colour, and I have to say my friend's hair grew back (from completely bald) to dark and wavy whereas previously it had been fair.............a bonus as she's always wanted wavy hair !

And I certainly don't think it's a petty issue. My hair was in need of colouring when I had the bleed, so after a couple of months in Salford it was quite grey. My daughter brought me a colour & my makeup so I managed to get a colour on whilst in the bath one day, then put makeup on for the first time. The staff thought I was an imposter !

I think morale is a big part of recovery, and feeling happy about our appearance can be really empowering. Please let us know when you start sprouting..................

Good luck Ali, and all best wishes, Cat x


Well Ali , albeit it's not the same reason but it did start at about the same time as my brain injury in 85 . I suppose my gender may have a little to do with it also . PS 'Alibongo ', been a while since I heard that. Nice one ! G'night .


Thanks Dave, am hoping it is only temporary and does grow back, but small price to pay if it doesn't, I survived.


You could spray it a differant coulor everday until it grows back! HAHA just my sense of humor. Iam sure you donot look Bobby Charlton!


Thanks razyheath, you made me laugh, needed that today. Xx


Apparently some people can loose hair around the area where the aneurysm was coiled. You could ask the hairdresser to put a few wee hair extensions in to cover the patch up. Glad you're feeling better


Hi again, your funny, been hairdressers had hair cut short to give bald bit time to catch up and do comb longer bits over lol. It actually doesn't worry me , which is strange for someone who has always took pride in their hair. It's my war wound lol xx


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