Day from hell

I wrote a post on fri regarding stress of waiting to see if the ambulance service would turn up to take me to my trauma therapy. They turned up, and I had a good session. My appointment was at 12pm and for 1 hour, and the staff knowing how bad the ambulance service was notified control at 12.30 to book my collection. So I was finished at 1pm sat waiting. The staff rang and was told that a crew was on the way. Then they rang again told that I had been cancelled and was now at the bottom of the list. They finally sent alternative transport and I got home at 4pm. At 5ish I had a bad seizure, yest was awful I had horrendous head pains, no speech and weakness down my right side. This has happened quite a few times and causes more damage. I now feel disengaged my partner has had to help me write this post. I just want to say thank you for all the replies I received on fri.

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  • Hi

    Sorry you had such a bad experience (again). I'm not sure why - guessing communication is not what it perhaps ought to be and NHS very stretched.

    I hope you can recover from this last setback and wondering if the counsellor could visit you instead another time ? I know I had them out to me a couple of times in the early days of recovery.

    Take care


  • Hi

    Thanks for your reply this has happened to me 3 times out of six appointments. This particular therapist is a specialist I was on a waiting list to see her and only had eight appointments allotted to me. She doesn't do home visits or telephone, so because its happening too much my health is affected and I can't afford to have that happen. When they let me down last week I had a chat with my therapist and she said that I've got to decide when is enough is enough and I can't put my health at risk. I think friday was that day, so that means for home or telephone I will be pit on a waiting list again. I have put 3 complaints through about the ambulance service. It is down to poor planning, there are notes on their system stating my conditions and that I can't be left waiting. Its now gone official and then it will be sent to the ombudsman. They've caused further damage to my health I don't know what damage this seizure has caused yet.

  • You take care - and maybe do something nice this afternoon :-)

  • Thank you I will probably sleep I feel exhausted, I hope you have lovely day x

  • Oh bless you it's not good is it, to have a good therapy session and then have it spoilt with an horrendous long wait. :-( I hope you soon recover from this recent setback. (hugs) x

  • Hi Rachel thank you for your lovely message, I've had to up my meds and I don't know when or if my right side will get stronger and my voice comes back. The head pains fingers crossed have subsided my head just feels numb. But thats it for those appointments I'm going to have to go on a waiting list for home or telephone. I've had two appointments that went with no problem, two where they didn't turn up to take me to the appointments, and two where they left me two and half hours and three hours to be collected from my appointment. I am gutted but I can't pit myself through it, and they obviously can't get their act together.

    Thanks Rachel xx

  • No worries you take care x

  • That is really awful please contact the patient liaison team - also if their is a headway nurse in your trust speak to them and contact your consultants secretary about your conncerns that the therapy sessions are in fact having a detrimental effect due to the amount of waiting. All hospital trusts are different however our trust also uses specially trained taxi drivers for patients who need to travel individually for whatever reason maybe this could be looked at for you situation - I know it tiring going through a complaints process but if it's never flagged up it will never change

    Hope this help x

  • Sorry just read the replies - I'm glad your complaining cause your are no doubt not the only one this happens to and it's just not good enough.

  • Hi Amy thank you for your response, it is much appreciated. I have been going through Pals they have had 4 complaints from me. They are disgusted by the appalling way I have been treated. The complaint has now gone official which means it gets serious and it will go to the ombudsman. The ambulance service have a taxis firm they use and all it is, is a wheelchair accessible vehicle. The taxis driver they sent to me the first time they messed up was clueless he left it to a woman from reception at the clinic to get me in my wheelchair out why he stood by his taxis then he had problems with his ramp and wanted me to get myself if the cab. I was no where near the taxis and said well your going to have to push me to the door, I'm in a wheelchair for a reason, I am disabled. My consultant will be told whats happened today as well as my gp who's been monitoring me. I feel alot of pressure in my head still which affects my spine.

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