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Hi all, hope everyone is ok..:-) I have had a surprisingly easy day today. You know when you wake up and think I've got an appointment today and I just keep feeling things will go wrong. That's how I felt, admittedly it was only an appointment at wheelchair services. But I had really had to push to have a reassessment to try for a different chair. Then the added stress of using the patient transfer service (ambulance). I have had such a tough time with them taking before, either not turning up or leaving me for hours. But I was picked early and my appointment went well, and I'm getting the wheelchair I want. Then to top it they turned up just as I finished my appointment. Mind you there has been an official complaint gone through about the service, so whether my name flashes up red I don't know lol. Other patients in the ambulance openly spoke today about their awful experiences, and the crews have said they haven't employed enough staff. It just sounds like another part of the nhs that is in a mess.

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  • Just keep your name flashing red, Angie, that's the way to get things done.

  • I think your right hun, there was a woman on the ambulance who said she had an appointment with in the cardiac unit following an operation to check how the op had taken. Apparently the ambulance service rang her up and said they wouldn't be able to take her so they had cancelled her appointment. When she rang to check when she would have a replacement appointment the unit had put her down as a no show they had not received any calls from the ambulance service.

    I think when I have a day like this its a shock, because for so long I have had so many battles. I guess I have battle fatigue xx

    How are you doing xx

  • its been splashed all over the news about patient transport around the country angel.

  • Has it, is it bad?

  • It's important to mark and remember the goods days x

  • Your so right because the bad ones can overwhelm you. I try to notice anything good in a day, even if its a daft little thing you've noted the good :-)

    Like today I've been out to a local access group meeting, where they're trying to sort out problems access into buildings, pavement issues, transport etc. As a newby I sat next to a nice lady, and started chatting to her. She said that the meetings can be a bit wakey and a bit like the village council meetings on Vicar of Dipley. It was it was funny with some real characters lol it was funny to watch :-)

  • It's rotten having to accept waiting will be a nightmare (again) so on the rare occasion when you're called in early you're sure they've made a mistake ! I've often been tempted, in situations where I've been in pain and waited 4-5 hours , to fall on the floor and see whether anyone even notices.

    If it's been relatively quick I've left feeling like a VIP and slightly dazed, so I 'get' your feeling of 'celebration' Angie ................what a refreshing change. Keep that red light shining !! xx

  • My red sign can be seen from space Cat lol xxx

  • :D xx

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