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I'm new to the forum, I have a brain injury due to multiple seizures which dealing with chronic neuro conditions. I also have a partner who has had two brain injuries. It is a difficult situation, he is my official carer for physical help and I am his unofficial carer all other areas. I miss having a chat, as I'm housebound, I'm not the first person and won't be the last to have everyone disappear the minute I have to deal with health problems and disabilities. I have learnt so much over the last six years, I've had to learn to research whats available for disabled people that we're never told about. I really hope to get to know people on here, have a chat and a laugh

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  • Hi Angelfish & welcome. I see you've already got the measure of the intellect here on Headway from your reply to Andy (BaronC) so as the saying goes 'It helps to be a little bit mad'.

    On a serious note, I see your life is complicated by both you and your partner having brain injuries, so it's good you've found us. I hope you find plenty of support and empathy here ; it's been my lifeline for over 5 years now. Love Cat x

  • Hi Cat thanks for your message, I do love a laugh and banter, I've always said I'm not normal and normal is boring lol. Yes life has been extremely difficult the nhs have failed me so many times. But I'm a fighter so I get on with it, but even the short time I've been on here I've enjoyed it. Not just having a laugh but also I've hopefully replied and given a couple of people about benefits, I use to work for DWP. I hope we will get to chat Cat x take care

  • Me too m'love ! Good to meet you. x

  • You to Cat have a good night xx

  • Hi welcome to the forum. I am the main cater for my adult brain injured son. I know how you feel about everyone disappearing on you. It can feel very lonely but you are not alone there are a lot of us out there. Stay strong and always come on to the forum there will always be someone to listen

  • Thank you Penny I think it is easy to think your on your own. I think its lucky that I'm a fighter, Ive had loads of people eg doctors say that I must be low or have no confidence. My reply has always been no if I didn't have my strength and confidence I would have given in. I must admit it has been hard coping with my condition abd then having to also support my partner who is also disabled. But I refuse to give in, I have only been on this forum today and I have to say ive loved it so far xx

  • Hi Angelfish and welcome to the virtual family.

    I am so happy you've found us. Dip in and out whenever you like as most of us do.

    I see you've already met aunty Cat who is probably the most regular member of all and one of the kindest.

    Love n hugs


  • Hi Randomphantoms

    Thank you for your warm welcome, its taken me six and a half years of battling and coping on my own. To now being linked up to some local groups and now this forum. I have carried so much on my shoulders and I've missed chatting so much. Cat was absolutely lovely and it was so nice of her to welcome me. I will definitely post and reply to people, its lovely to feel there are people out there that I have things in common with

    Take care

    Angie x

  • HI Angelfish. I have had issues with friends disappearing as soon as a brain issue makes itself known too. This website (and another more specific one for my particular problem) have been godsends. When my neurological condition was diagnosed I felt very alone and wondered whether I was the only one suffering from it. Thanks to the websites I now know that I'm not. And talking to other members and sharing experiences helps enormously.



  • Hi Lulu you are right as soon as you know there are others dealing with the same issues it makes such a difference. I am glad I've found this website.

    Angie x

  • Thanks Angie. And best wishes for the future.


  • God u doing well looking out for each other .u ant alone angelfish28.im house bound .I've always bin worker go out .but 6yr ago I got braine deases called.buring brain.it like hot boiling water pouring inside yr braine.still get in no were .but at mo I've ad 3days no burning.yippie.but still don't want go out side ha.frends come and go .I got my husband and u got yr partner .chat on ear I've started to ha .good luck let me no how u both doing OK xcandy

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