Hi, from a new member

Hi everyone, I've just found this site and am kicking myself for not looking harder when I really needed it, after sustaining a hypoxic brain injury in 2009. Yes, it was a very long time ago now, but I'm still reminded of it by my brain struggling quite often.

I got my brain injury after suffering from severe depression, and attempting suicide by hanging. My then boyfriend (now husband) found me, performed CPR as my heart had stopped and the rest, as they say, is history. It probably took me around a year to recover enough to function independently, and it was a very long, very difficult road, for me and everyone around me.

The incident has totally changed my life. My depression disappeared overnight, or at least it had done by the time I woke up 12 days later in intensive care. I spent the next few years getting fit, losing weight, I stopped smoking, came off the heavy antidepressants and I finally decided I needed a career and climbed the first rung of the ladder. I'm also currently fulfilling a lifelong dream of travelling the world, after talking a career break having run into some problems.

I eventually came to a halt on this career ladder as my memory doesn't seem to be up to the job. It's so much better than it was when I first woke up, as back then I (apparently) didn't even know my own name, and have one memory of asking my own Dad who he was, which breaks my heart to think about now. I also struggle to think of words and often can't respond to questions when I'm put on the spot, and this never used to be much of a problem for me. I feel certain my brain has healed as much as it ever will, so I'm really saddened to think I've hit a wall with my new career so early on. I was never interested in a career before, as I'd had depression for 8 years, all of my adult life, but now that it's gone I feel like nothing can stop me. Except it has. Has anyone else had a similar thing?

I'm so inspired by the posts here, and want everyone to know that there is always hope. I'm so glad to have found this site, and I know I'm incredibly lucky to have escaped a hypoxic brain injury with only minor problems. I feel better just knowing there's support out there, and no one has to struggle through it alone. I just wish I'd known about it sooner!

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Well, you're here now and welcome. New Year and new to the site.

You'll find lots of support when or if you need it.

Sorry I can't help with he work problems because I'm unable to work with my issues and I'm retired now any way. But well done, you're doing well.

Love Janet x


hey supersnail welcome. i suffer from short term memory and as for conversations its like give us a clue sometimes.

my bi was caused by a stroke 4yrs feb, i dont work because since my stroke i stay away from strangrs or if they are forced upon me my wife has to do all the talking,

she takes me to all my appointments, the is another issue , which stops me from going out without my wife.

having said that we do go to a headways group which id recommend

good luck and happy new year


Hi there. I'm new here too but have found a warm welcome, a lot of non-judgemental listening ears and people who understand.

Sorry I can't offer any advice on brain injuries and symptoms as my husband only recently suffered his injury but I am here to listen to you and offer support.

I am sure that someone here will be able to give you some information or point you in the right direction.

Warmest Regards



Welcome......would like to hear more about travel plans sometime....I wanted a year off to travel the world but had to scale back a little (lot ?) ...but won't let everything get taken away from me.

Take care :-)


Hi Supersnail and welcome

Not knowing what your chosen career is I wonder if there are any ways of working around the issue.

Perhaps your employer could provide a voice recorder.

Ring Headway and talk the issues through with them.

Love n hugs




Have you also been in touch with Headway?

I certainly found that having friends, with similar problems, has helped me no end!

You are so lucky to have an understanding husband!

Good luck and all the best!



You're inspired??

Bloody hell, read your post, that's inspiration if ever I've read it. Good for you for fighting your way through your troubles and making a go of your career. Fantastic stuff.

I applaud you and congratulate you in equal measure.



Hi SuperSnail

Interesting reading you written article. Well done for what all you have acheived. :)

Happy New Year



You sound like an incredibly brave person - wishing you all the best for the future :)


Welcome to the group and well done for all you have achieved so far! Keep it up! I plod along managing well but I too have problems with work as it would be impossible for me to go back to my original career... I tire easily, the noise level would drive me crazy and too many people all talking at once etc etc. I wish you all the best for the future. xx


Hi Supersnail. Welcome. I would say don't give up on anything until you understand it a bit better and test out different possible workarounds. BI manifests in so many different ways and there are amazing tools that can help you navigate through the challenges of work and personal life - you just need to develop your toolkit :-)

Give Headway a call. This is what they're about. My hubby has just been referred to a Neuropsychologist and Vocational Occupational Therapist (who knew these people existed?!) to help with his work challenges, all via Headway. Amazing support.

Good luck and take care .x.


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