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Suicide risk

For those of you who've been following. Father home stays and release date have been cancelled due to him openly saying he no longer wants to be here.

Everyone is worried and he's now been officially declared a suicide risk. Family is on edge and no one knows what to do. He's still in rehab under phsyc team, on antidepressants.... anyone had experience of this and come out the other side? Looking for positive stories again please x

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My family had many mental health issues and, although there's been a great deal of psychotherapeutic intervention (for both myself and my father) it was medication which proved the only successful treatment.

But whilst going through the lengthy period of trying different antidepressants to find one which was compatible with his own brain chemistry, my father twice attempted suicide and was hospitalised for many months in Macclesfield mental hospital.

I also went through a long period of 'experimentation' in seeking the right drug for me involving years of side effects and anguish.

But in both cases, once the appropriate antidepressant was found (Prozac for my father and Paroxetine for me) the meds worked to bring about massive changes and freedom from depression.

My father has been dead many years now, but he died having had a long period of freedom from depression and anxiety as a result of the meds.

And I've been depression free for over 20 years. So there IS hope Curly ; it just might take a while longer as, where compatibility is the key, there's a lot of luck involved. Wishing you all happier days ahead. Cat xx

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cat have you tried meditation,


As Cat says he is in the best place.

Thinking of you and your family.

Love n hugs



curly cuz anti depressents could be the cause of this. having the opposite effect. the psyciatrist i saw wanted to put on anti depressants, one of the side effects was feeling the need to kill youself.

drs dish out the happy pills too freely,believing stroke survivors are depressed, we are different people, we are frustrated, trying to come to terms with the new us, what the future will bring and youve got doctors dishing out pills to keep us quiet.

why not get us to learn all about mindfulness and how to meditate..................a bit of useful alternative medicine


My mum had depressive thoughts as long as I could remember. She had to deal with someone who took their life. I guess it would be PTSD now. After many years prosaic came in and she tried it with high hopes but it didn't work. One day they tried something else and it transformed her life. Life went smoothly then they wanted her to stop them as they were a suicide risk. I kicked up with the doctor - I would hold them accountable if they changed something that was working. They agreed to leave things. It's hit and miss but you have to try lots of things sometimes to find one that works.

I've found a Mindfullness group run by someone who understands the problems of living with a dodgy brain a help to be calmer and not flare up with every day frustration. I did a CBT course but didn't feel that I got a lot out of it other than got an understanding how things can escalate.


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