Anyone have experience or advice with problems caused by vagus nerve issues (rapid and irregular heart rate and blood pressure)

I have been thoroughly checked out medically for cardio issues and the doctors tell me everything is working correctly and there are no problems. However, from time to time I get an uneasy feeling in the center of my gut and my pulse starts going kind of erratically. I have a blood pressure cuff I use to check my blood pressure, which normally is in the 115-120 over 75-80 range and pulse normally 60-65 bpm. During these episodes, my heart rate has gone as high as 153 bpm and blood pressure up to 155/105. And it seems to jump all over the place. This sometimes has gone on for up to two hours. Then things finally normalize. I’ve been told even though it is pretty freaky when it happens that it is not causing any damage or problems beyond the freak out, as I have no heart or other cardio issues to be of concern. From what I’ve been able to find these are symptoms that can be caused by inflammation of the vagus nerve. This all started after my anoxic brain injury caused form surviving cardiac arrest (caused by an exaggerated vasovagal response and no automatic lower heart rate limit (now corrected by a pacemaker that kicks on if my heart rate goes below 45 bpm), my vitals all went to zero) and a grand mal seizure at that same time. Anyway, if anyone has any ways they know of to help mitigate or resolve this weirdness I am all ears to know about it. Thank you in advance.

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Hi Sca. Has anyone ever suggested it's SVT ? (Super Ventricular Tachycardia). xx


No, I'll look into that. Thanks.


I had repeated attacks over a 10 year period, although routine tests showed nothing irregular. But after seeing a cardiologist and wearing a monitor for an indefinite period, the condition presented itself and is now controlled with meds.

I hope you get this problem sorted soon Aqua ; if it's anything like the SVT it's pretty scary. My pulse used to reach 150bpm and it was difficult to breathe as it felt like my heart was in my throat ! :x

Good luck, Cat x


It would sure be great to get this under control as it is pretty scary when it happens. Thank you so much for your input. If you don't mind me asking, what medication is being used to control this?


Sounds like atrial fibrillation which can occur as paroxysmal with everything normal in between so may not have shown up on the tests you had. It is also related to autonomic nerve system problems.

Have you ever worn a ambulatory ecg monitor for 24 hours or several days. This sometimes is the only way PAF is picked up


I had a holter? monitor I wore on two separate occasions, but that was probably 10 years ago, before I started experiencing this and nothing definitive showed up back then. I'll look into ambulatory ecg monitor and atrial fibrillation possibilities. Thank you.


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