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meds check before 5th angiogram

Hi gang,

I am going to Sheffield Hallamshie this coming Wednesday for a medical check, blood pressure, weight etc......

Then if all is well the following Tueaday 3rd of February I shall have my fifth angiogram.

This will be to see if my AVM on the cerebellum has finally gone. It's been eight years since the AVM burst and changed my life. I'm nervous, but hoping that it has finally gone and I don't have to have further radio therapy.

Yes!! I'm nervous, and I do know what will be will be, but for my husband I would just like GOOD NEWS......ITS GONE.

I love my man so much, (37 years married in April. teenage sweethearts) he's been so supportive before and after my brain haemorrhage

It's time for him and me to be worry free. I know my problems won't go away, but one less to worry about e.g. No AVM would be blinking marvellous.

Thanks hubby and here's hoping 💑

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Been to the Hallamshire a few times

Don't Worry about the visit Staff are genuinely very good

Hope you get good news after the angiogram.


Fingers & everything else crossed for you Hannah ; hope the news will be cause for celebration for you both. Love Cat xx


Here's to hoping for good news!!!

I will keep you in my prayers.




Hi Hannah5.

I also have an AVM of the Cerebellum. But mine is unruptured and untreated. I have known about it since I was a teenager and it caused a secondary complication. It is pretty sizable apparently so I accepted that it was part of me quite a while ago and am not looking to pursue treatment.

I wish you all the luck in the world at your Sheffield appointment. Please do let us know how it goes.

Best wishes


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Good luck tomorrow with you appointment, I'll keep everything crossed here in Wales and will be thinking and praying for you.

Lisa1985 xx


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