my gadgets

my gadgets

hi i finaly found a way to share my photograph of my units i use for vaping i took the photo with my phone hope the quality is ok the tall unit to the left is my vape box iwhich i use outside or in the kitchen with the fan on it can produce huge amounts of vapour but boy does it hit the spot ,the next unit is a ce4 electronic cigarette and the last one is my kanavape penthe last two units a quite good but do not produce the same amount of vape as the vape box they are all refillable with your chosen liquid they all have built in batteries and come with charging lead or usb adapter

i hope this is of some use to you

regards peter

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  • Very interesting Peter. I think I need to start 'low' as I'm a bit of a wimp with unfamiliar substances. So would you say whether you have a preference between the e cig and the kanavape pen ?

    There's so much more I need to find out after seeing my GP about possible interaction with various meds. It's a whole new subject for me and the more I research online the more complicated it seems, so it's good to have a 'resident' source of information ! ;-) x

  • i source most of my information from thr web with a little bit of personal expi]erience

  • the kanavape pen is very good no button to press just pick up and use i like the e cig you press thebutton while using also you get a bigger draw on the ecig bu for delivering volume and a good hit the vape box is bette rwhat i do is i look on you tube for videos of people revirewing them

    hope this helps


  • Thanks Peter. I despair at my loss of common sense at times ; I often watch quite complicated surgery and many other educational videos on YouTube, yet didn't think of it on this occasion ! :o

    OK YouTube, here I come. Cat x

  • I am a bit confused...can you please explain the purpose of this vaping and why we should do it?

  • im not saying you should do it but cbd oil which i take in capsule form is best taken by means of vaping it gets into your sytem quicker therefore faster pain reliefi did put a link on a prebvious post which explains the use of cbd oil

  • have a look at this link

  • Ah right okay...cbd oil I get it. Thanks - I am easily confused ;)

  • hi, no problem this thread has been going for a couple of weeks now and some of the other members already use cbd oil with good results glad the link helped


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