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Help with settings on forum please

Hello and greetings to you on Boxing Day

I wonder if you can help ?

My mum Fajarabird (and Different Strokes) joined recently (she had a brain injury too).

Like me she now struggles with new things like a new forum.

I noticed she has sent a few posts as messages on the forum (i think thats whats happened) so when shes meant for everyone to read it, its only me.

I dont know enough to help - i have copied and pasted mums last couple below.

Is anyone around that could have a look and be good enough to contact her to check if she is posting properly and you are all able to see what she writes ?

Shes a lovely lady and as she lives in west africa is very alone with her thoughts on life with a Bi.

Kindest regards

to all the good people here



(see couple messages below)

Fajarabird2 days ago

Hi my darling girl........I wasn,t awake but got your post early this morning.....lovely to get it on Christmas Eve. I always read Headway in the mornings ......and, I know many people, but just can't get the confidence to reply to them. Really don't know why because used to be very outgoing.

I,d like to wish everyone on Headway forum a very happy christmas.

Wonder if there are any more mother and daughters on Headway both having BI,s.......mum x

PS: i just noticed there is a button to all 'only followers in my community' when you send a post, i wonder if thats it)

Fajarabird2 days ago

I,m hoping you got my post todAy. I know I have,t "joined in on the Headway forum, but I just want you all of you to know that Headway has been a lifesaver for me. I guess a lot of you know Jules getting there is my daughter. We both have had BI,s, hers from an accident, mine from a brain heamorrage. Jules suggested I joined Headway in October.

I,m not usually one for joining in but I log on a couple of times a day.......I feel I know a lot of you now..........I do know that I I am not alone.....I live in west Africa......feel quite isolated. Thank you all, a very happy Christmas to you and my beautiful daughter

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Hi Jules. Lovely to see you back recently & hoping to hear how you've been getting on with your therapy, and how you're feeling in yourself.

Your mum sounds really sweet & I shall contact her and have a word. If she's managed to send you private messages then she's done well ; posting on the forum should be more straightforward. We'll see !

Hope all's well for you this Christmas m'dear.

Love Cat xx


Sent message to your mum describing the various stages of posting. Hope it's helped ! xx


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