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Hi All an up date went to see my GP last week he has referred me to the Chest Clinic at the local hospital I got a letter from my practice saying the clinic would be in touch about an appointment if I havent heard anything by 26 12 16 then phone a number on letter for a date whether I get anywhere with this I dont know I will have to wait and see . Yesterday I went for a short walk in the sunshine and today I did the same although not cold it was cloudy and damp I did deep breathing and walked a little further uphill more effort hope to strengthen legs has I feel very weak well I guess thats all for now

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If it is damp, don't go outside for a walk unless you cover your mouth and nose with a warm scarf. Damp air is extremely bad for chest complaints, as is very cold air. I know - I am asthmatic!

Hope you soon feel a bit stronger.

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Hi there

Agree with exhaustedwife, if the suns out then go out ....but damp cold weather is not great for the chest!

Can you do a little light exercise indoors?

I hope that your recovery continues and sending you lots of good wishes



Yes, as already suggested, walking out in the damp air will exacerbate any respiratory problems although 20 mins on a sunny, dry day should be ok and might help to keep your spirits up.

Otherwise save those essential breathing exercises for indoors ! Walking up & down stairs half a dozen times might be boring but it's good for getting the heart pumping and exercising the legs !

xx ......................roll on Spring ! (for all of us).

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Cat, what is spring? It seems so long ago we saw it that I have forgotten what it is like!! Although to be fair we have had a couple of reasonable days lately (only spoilt by the damp, cold, thick foggy ones in between!)


Ok, listen to this m'dear ; my 12ft Camelia is in full bud, so I'm expecting a riot of deep pink outside my kitchen window within the next 2/3 weeks ! Every year it blooms earlier than the year before, so what used to be a May flowering plant has slowly morphed into a one which blooms 5 months earlier. :O

And don't forget, in less than a week it's the shortest day, so after that the darkest days will be on the waine !!

I'll grab onto anything suggesting even a hint of Spring. ;-) xx


Now you have shattered all my illusions. I thought it was always much colder in your part of the world and that here in the south we have the mildest weather! My camellia has buds on too - but very new and tight. We still have a few flowers out, roses, a poppy or two but we have had a couple of heavy early morning frosts so don't think anything will be flowering very early this year. I really don't mind cold, sharp days but can't stand this dismal, damp misty weather that we seem to be plagued with at the moment.

Roll on the shortest day - it's the day after my son's birthday so we always remember it! Can't wait for the first sight of the bulbs poking up through the soil - then I know spring is just around the corner.

I like reading your posts, you have so much common sense wisdom. It is so sad sometimes to realise what dreadful things happen to some of the people on here, I complain bitterly about how my husband's bi has ruined our lives but it is nothing to what has happened to others.

Lots of best wishes, Cat. Have a lovely Christmas and the best possible new year.



What a lovely message to log in to Jan ; thanks so much for those kind comments.

It's true, most things have been slaughtered by the frosts and I've brought a couple of Begonia 'Whoppers' inside to see if I can over-winter them (don't have greenhouse). But any sign of new life in the garden gives me a mental lift !

Yes, everyone has their particular brand of post-BI issues to face each day most of which, to the untrained eye, are none existent.

But don't underrate yours m'dear ; I have thought often of how you get up every day to face unknown issues/moods etc and I have only admiration for all your caring ..................which goes mostly unseen.

OK I'm off to the post office now whilst there's a sliver of sun up above ! Have the best possible Christmastime Jan, and I hope that good luck will find it's way to your door in 2017 !!

Love Cat xx


Hi Cat,

I haven't brought any of my plants in yet, while it is so mild they seem happy enough outside but i must watch that winter doesn't suddenly catch me out. I bought loads of packs of beautiful bulbs at the garden centre this week for 50p each so have just popped them into the garden - a bit late I know but they have two choices. My garden is looking dreadful as, because of my broken collar bone and ribs, weeding has been almost impossible. Hopefully the falling leaves will hide the weeds!

I am recovering but slowly and still in a lot of pain. As you realise, life is quite difficult. Mike has not tried to hurt me again. the mental health nurse has said that he has a 'fight or flight' reflex now and the day he kicked me down the stairs and carried on attacking, I was between him and the front door when he was in a panic about being late. His reaction was to get the obstruction (me) out of the way, he didn't even think about it being a person. There have been a few moments when I have been wary but I usually leave the room. It has affected him in other ways too. He is normally so healthy but he had a collapse and a fit one night and woke with chest pains last week. In both cases no medical problem could be found and the hospital sent him home hours later. It is very difficult, I now wear a bracelet with an emergency button so that I can summon help if I need it urgently. Not an ideal situation but I have to be safe or I cannot carry on. One side effect of this is that I haven't let him go to stay with my daughter or daughter in law at the moment as they won't know the signs to watch for. As I don't leave him for more than about 4 hours this is becoming a nuisance, especially at this time of the year when I have Christmas lunches etc to go to.

Still, never mind. There are others worse off, at least we are both able to get around.

I do find the forum so useful. Mike is not good at explaining how his bi affects him but by reading posts by others, I can related his behaviour to what others describe. Such lovely people willing to share and help others.

Are you home for Christmas or with your family? It must be hard to spend time with grandchildren without getting too exhausted. We will spend the day with our son, 6 (adult) grandchildren, 1 eight year old and various adult relations including my 99 yr old mum. Luckily I don't have to cook (but I usually finish up helping with the washing up!).

Have a fabulous Christmas break and hope your new year is a happy, healthy one.



That's quite a gathering Jan. Christmas day for me is at my daughter's, so just my daughter, son-in-law and grandson (8) ; then Boxing day at my son's with him and his partner, so no cooking for me either !

I'm glad you'll be with family my dear ; you deserve to be safe and amongst people who care about you.

Sincerest good wishes, Cat xx


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