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Hi all, am new here. My husband is in hospital following a colloidal cyst removal yesterday.

He was admitted on Friday with hydrocephalus and had bilateral EVDs fitted overnight on Friday. He had the surgery to remove the cyst yesterday. he has one EVD remaining.

He is orientated but confused at the same time - the doctor called it confabulation. He is also very emotional right now. I was quite upset to leave him in the hospital tonight in case he gets scared and upset in the night.

I guess my question is has anyone any experience of this following brain surgery and just looking for some comfort or reassurance that he will be okay. I know that is impossible to give but I just feel so helpless. He broke my heart earlier when he was upset.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Please try not to worry Rusty ; it's quite usual for patients to become confused and upset when suffering with Hydrocephalus owing to the pressure on the brain. When the EVD starts to drain the fluid, and the pressure is under control, you should see a big difference in your man's demeanour.

    This is a worrying and upsetting time for you, especially having to leave him for the night, but I'm sure that within a day or two your husband will start to look and behave much more like his old self. Be prepared for a period of rehab. in the following couple of weeks at least.

    I hope all goes well Rusty ; all best wishes to you both. Cat x

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