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New here (and being sociable)

Hello! I'm Adam and hope to find this site useful.

I'm a cyclist but was hit by a misguided car in 2015 and have discovered another world. I received contusions and a subsequent hemorrhage, DAI, broken vertebrae, wonky knee and some lovely scarring. I've been channeled through Oliver Zangwill in Ely and recently completed a fantastic gardening course at Headway, Cambs. Lots of help, lots of input, masses of love and support........but I still find myself being surprised when the effects of TBI show themselves; sometimes I respond with a quiet 'Oh', more often with a screamed 'Aaaaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!!!!!' but I must admit to being much better at screaming inwardly these days.

I get dizzy (wrong word) a lot. Fall over in bed. Sleep at sea. Better when moving.

I can't multi-task.

I can't follow group conversation.

I forget things randomly. I used to be a morris musician and can't remember any tune/dance names; a complete slice of pre-accident memory gone.

I can be moody.

I get so tired.

I look absolutely normal.

That's enough of that stuff for the time being. I'll end with two things I'd like you to carry with you.

1, If I ask for help and you are able to address it constructively then I shall be very grateful to you.

2, If I can help you I shall do whatever I can. In doing so I also better understand me.



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Hi Adam welcome you'll find some great people to have a chat to, who listen and offer help if they can, but also appreciate any help anyone can offer

Hope you have a good day :-)



Hi Adam,

Welcome to the group! I'm sorry to hear about your accident and hope the physical injuries are now a thing of the past, if not well on their way to healing.

You'll find a lot of posts and content on here about similar problems with moods, fatigue and concentration. Like you, many people with BI (Brain Injury) look perfectly normal and as such it can be difficult to explain how it affects us.

The community here is great and I'm sure you'll receive a warm welcome.

Kind Regards,



Oh it is another world.................


Hi Adam and welcome. I like your quote of discovering another world......................... so very apt !

Sorry to hear of your injuries, but glad you've found your way here. Cat xx

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HELLO! From the Fens!


Hi Adam and welcome to the group. I am also new here.

Men are not designed to be able to multi-task, so we just stick to one thing at a time and do it properly. Lmao! Hope you like it here! There's some wonderful people on this site.


Erm.......what's the profile photo about Adam ?? xx


LOL Its a picture of his broken toe, not sure he meant to have it as a profile pic... I will let him know!


Ha ha bless. Spookily i think i broke mine last night its gone a lovely shade of black lol


OK, so that's three of us ! I broke my 5th metatarsal 2 weeks ago and I recognised the poorly looking digit on the photo. Hope yours is mended Adam..........................and you're getting yours attended to Bonnie. (Hurts doesn't it !) xx

Nice to see you Hannah..............x


What are we like lol

I couldnt even have the duvet touch it im not usually a wuss but it fair hurts.

Heres to us all mending soon

Have a great weekend xx


After reading all this I think I'll be investing in steel toe-cap boots!

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I was a cyclist ,got knocked off my bike.Driver apologised when i came round....apparently she didnt think to check her mirrors (her words)

I lost my sense of smell and taste ,permanant they say...struggling with it,no appetite,no desire to eat any more.

Tiredness is tough,i also get moody,laugh at things i didnt find funny before and vise versa,cry a lot more and have panic attacks,my husband says i've changed .I've got other issues,but like you i look fine.Doctors told me my injuries would be life changing but i didnt belive them,but i was wrong, i returned to work pt against advice but its tough when you look 'fine',if you want a chat i'm here...if you don't i understand.☺


Hi Adam, did you find the Oliver zangwill centre of any use?


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