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Doctor Doctor

Hello Barron mate, just jules here

I am not going on line to my friends on Healthunlocked yet (i am still very up and down).

But just checked to see if you were ok after seeing the note you were back at the docs.

Listened to your video - ow god, everything you say rings true in my ears for my life since the crash. I was discharged from Lincoln hospital. home to N\ewcastle. They said it was up to Newcastle neuro now to look after me. I waited, and waited - nothing. Since then 6 years now of the same experiences from the GP and my responses these years very like yours.

But, they did eventually offer me Trauma based therapy and i am attending. Its frightening so far. Life a mess.

Comforting to know you are there Barron mate

Much love



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Hi Jules,

Pleased you enjoyed the film, if 'enjoy' is the right word. It's a bind, it really is, but letting people know they're not alone and I'm in it with them is now a bit of a mission for me...

Keep smiling,



I luckily rarely have to see doctors which is handy since GP's at least look terrified, last one I saw got me to help with my letter of referral since he honestly and freely admitted he didn't understand.

I am off to see a Neuropsychologist soon judging from others it either is very helpful or a waste of time.


Hi Jules, lovely to know you are still around. I miss you. When I am up in the early hours and switch on my computer, I always think 'I wonder if Jules is awake'.

Lots and lots of good wishes for the trauma therapy. Hopefully it will be good for you in the long run. Look after yourself.



This has come on the wall Hun, not a message and it's NOT JUST JULES HERE ITS JULES.


Ooooo was it actually meant to. Am I having a blonde moment xx

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Hi Jules :) good to hear fro you. Hope you're doing ok and getting some sleep x

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