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Fell from 3ft hit back of head

I fell from a 3 ft hit the back of my head was a wake the entire time it happened had a headache right aftereards took meds for it went to bed an hr later but slept for 20 hrs. Its day two after fall head has a huge lump very sore cant touch it do I need to go see an er doctor to get a scan done. Headach is gone only thing is the lump and soreness from that......

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Go to A& E! Like NOW! just to get checked,you never know xx


Agree....you should see doctors asap. ...

Hope all is well.....


Yes Angie, as moo and Razy have advised, go to A&E tomorrow to be checked out. You might have caused a small bleed or a haematoma so, although the waiting times in A&E can be a pain, you need to know without delay that your brain hasn't been seriously damaged.

Best wishes x


Most definitely, go to A&E as soon as possible. I was pushed over in 2014 and woke up in bed in hospital 16 hours later. I was kept in hospital for 11 days. Take care .


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