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severe loss of balance through head injury

I would like to hear from anyone who has had a pretty much complete loss of their balance through a head injury, i'm trying to put together a factsheet of the various technique's different people have used to help regain their balance. Let' get something put together, i'm sure it will be a great help for other's. Many thank's Wayne

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Hello, I had a TBI in 2004. At first I used to fall over quite a lot. I found the best way to overcome this was to concentrate fully on what I was doing. Much of the other symptoms of my brain injury have dissipated now, but I still lose my balance if I don't concentrate.


Hi Wayne, sorry to hear of your head injury in 2011 I suffered a subdural haematoma which had to be removed by craniotomy where the left hand side of my skull was completely removed due to an accident. I then had to go back into hospital following being in a coma for some weeks to have the part they had removed replaced with titainium plates. Needless to say my balance was significantly affected initially but after extensive support from my family I regained the coordination, only tips I can explain I used was small walks with someone to support you walking, I had social services put handles and seats in the bathroom etc to try and allow me some independence you'll find that the social services are very good if you need some slight adaptations albeit temporarily but they will put things around your home to assist you with balance etc.. Best of luck, and best wishes.... Mark


Hi Wayne,

I suffered a severe brain injury in July this year from a pretty bad car accident. Not only did I lose my balance but I had to learn to walk again. I'm still suffering from strange sensation up my right side but I understand it's still early days and it's better than it was a few month ago.

So like Mark I went on short walks with someone to help with the walking and balance too and physio really helped. When I walked I would move my head from one side to the other and then try to look forward and move both my arms as I walked. I also bought a wobble cushion to help with my core strength and balance to use at home. It took me a few months to regain my balance with physio everyday and as many walks as I could manage. I also forgot to mention I have double vision so have to cover one eye to see clearly so that's not helped the balance either!! I hope there are some useful tips here to use for your fact sheet. Hayley


Like many of us, I also suffered problems with balance post injury. A consolidated source of information on balance issues would be very good

I think it would be useful to start off with an introduction of balance works, a combination of ears, eyes and how our brain handles that information. Then describe some of the symptoms of balance - for me it wasn't just when I was walking, when I lie down in bed the room spins and at a low point even fell out of an armchair!

In terms of coping strategies; some sort of support (cane, crutch or walker) is good to start off with as this not only provides support but also feed back as you move forward and gives a visual warning to other people. The other thing I do is use an arm to "touch" things as I walk passed them. This also provides feed back, support and a sense of distance.

Where possible get your posture correct; as uprights as possible head and eyes level, try not to scan too much through peripheral vision - you need to reduce the amount of information your brain is processing.

With that in mind, if you do go out avoid busy times where there are lots of people, bright lights, noise etc. Similarly the usual advice on not doing too much when your tired.

It may sound trivial but wear good quality footwear that provides lots of feedback as your walk. I have heard mixed results on using "rocker" shoes" the ones that shape your lower legs. Some people on other forums have said they make the balance worse. However, some have mentioned they help reduce the jarring effect when walking bit also enable a smoother more natural step. Always try something like this first before buying them.

When you know what the underlying cause of your balance issues are, try and work on one of them at a time. I damaged by brain, left eye and ear. I had some lenses to retrain the local length between my eyes, which had some good results. I then had the crystals in my ear (Epley manoeuvre) realigned which again has had some positive effect. I did these several months apart so that we could assess the effectiveness of each one.

Hope this is useful


I have balance issues especially during the night when I need to walk to the bathroom.........& I'm literally bouncing off the walls. It's 2 years since my SAH and I really believe that I'm taking more control since pushing myself daily to walk a little further each day than the day before.

In the early days I'm sure my neighbours suspected me of turning to drink as I was literally staggering and my pace was really slow. Nowadays I still have a way to go but I'm quickening my pace and although I veer off about every 10th step I'm actually beginning to pass for (reasonably) sober.

Twelve months ago I was pretty despondent but I know now that practice, practice and more practice is what seems to work for me. And if there's no one around I resort to childhood, and walk as far as possible along the kerb, which is good training for keeping to a straight line.


philcow1. I suffered an acute subdural haematoma which was evacuated by craniectomy and drain insertion at the end of december 2011. ballance was very difficult in the beginning with physiotherapy and aids at home, [handrails bath and toilet seats] things did get better despite numerous mistakes. constant practice and realistic goals seem to have paid off I haven't used a stick for day to day walking for 10 months now. I need to think about balance now.

not for everyone but I have found Horse riding helpful for posture also some hill walking these are activities I had done in the past, so I had contacts to help, this motivated me and help me see the improvements.


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