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I'm an artistic.woman that's well traveled and used to excitement and challenges. Been all over the world. Graduated from.high school on jaoan..good career with several companies and then the govt. Partied and gave parties. Now I stay home taking care of my sick husband and enjoy sitting outside and going grocery shoppong.trying to work.on my memoirs but unmotivated after loosing my mother and caring for my husband. I feel my life now is at a standstill.

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  • Hello Foxy. I think many of us understand that feeling of 'life lost'. What happened to your husband to bring about his need for full time care ?

    My sympathies for the loss of your mum ; there are few events in life as devastating as that particular loss. Cat x

  • He has advanced parkinsons. And I have arthritis and bad hip needing a hip replacement.

  • Oh I'm sorry to hear that. Parkinsons is such a cruel condition. You must be at a really low ebb with everything you're coping with. Do you have help, and/or any periods of respite ? x

  • Thank you. I do have a personal assistant that helps me.

  • I hope you'll stay around Foxylady and that we can help you 'talk out' your feelings of loss, for both your past life with your husband, and for your mother.

    Sending best wishes and a cyber-hug. Cat x

  • Your mother has slipped into the next room, she is waiting for you. She would likely be pleased if you continued to write and leave a legacy for others to enjoy. Perhaps writing about her in your early days would be a good place to start - the good, the challenging - the learning - the laughter- by writing, it may help coming to terms with her passing but also it could become a celebration of her life.

    My aunt recently passed and my uncle is happy as Larry. She suffered with a stroke in the last few months and all were glad when she was not in pain any longer. She left such a gaiety amongst those she touched, that it felt as though she would be angry with us if any of us were sad. Sweet memories of her remain in my heart, the sound of her laughing, and her smiling face. She is still around, just not with me.

    While your husband's body is enduring Parkinson's his spirit remains as he always was, in the way that you met him, in the way that you enjoyed each other, he is still there, just not able to express it.

    As a child, I knew a lady with Parkinson's. I would catch a glint in her eye of mischievousness, tired, worn out, but yes, there she was, still there, smiling with her eyes at me. Her husband taught me to catch a ball while she watched from her chair which delighted her and me no end!

    Sometimes, standing still is ok too. Don't forget to turn 360 to get a good look.

    All the Best

  • You are right writing about her life would be good and know she would be pleased. If I could just get motivated. I also wish I could just acceot and enjoy john ad he is. Very hard on me to see his condition.

  • What a beautiful reply recovering. There isn't a Prayer symbol but if there was I would have posted one to you. Xx

  • Thank you. Very sweet of you. I'm just to caring and it breaks my heart.

  • I really wonder if I can take care of my husband with advanced pd anymore. He gets confused and needs help. I have a bad him and arthritis and try to kerp.up with everything. My question is how do u pull yourself out of depression and get motivated to do something and get out daily. I get no love affection appreciation etc. Anyone felt this way and hiw do u get put if it?

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