The deed is done. Now the wait

I tried to gather as much info as I could. Letter from my GP explaining my condition, letter of support from my MP, letter of support from the food bank I volunteer at for 2 hrs a week. Written letter from a family member explaining things.

All this was photocopied and taken to the job centre where it was sent via courier to the ESA ppl

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  • Good luck, but they WILL cave in, trust me on this...

  • Thanks Baron but I thought they’d cave in before now as I’m still waiting for my pip tribunal in November

  • The tribunal is when the backtracking will occur...

  • The pip tribunal is in November but this is the esa asking for a mandatory reconsideration. I hope it goes well cos it’s got letters backing my claim from my GP, doctor and the food bank I volunteer at. It’s also signed by workers there

  • spideyman if the esa are looking for a mandatory reconsideration, there was some question mark over your assessment.

  • I’m not holding my breath

  • It just really annoys me as you've been put through so much stress, all fingers & toes crossed 😊

  • spideyman did you tell them you volunteered 2hrs a week?

  • Nah. I kept that bit quiet and they won’t know lol.

    If you read what I’ve said then you’ll see I’ve had a letter from my boss at the food bank explaining my difficulties and the fact I’m trying. This is signed by all the volunteers there.

    The MP has also suggested I go back on ESA and PIP. The letter from the GP explains I’m not suited to a proper job and it will be detrimental to my health.

    Are you going to put a downer on this as you have all along?

  • spideyman not at all, good luck.

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