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extreme pain

after reading about the side effects of statins and my ever increasing pain on my weak side i made a decision to experiment with my medication some people willl not approve but at the end of the day it is my pain and my body ,so i did not take any statins for 7 days the effect was brilliant no pain and better conitive skills and it is the best i have felt for nearly three years , also i am very worried about the side effects of all my medication gabapentin, suicidal tendancies!! statins ,risk of stroke .. you could not make this up, so i have decidedd to stop taking my statins altogether unless my doctor can find an alternative wiithout horrible side effects.

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Hi, I think so long as you have made an informed decision about what medications you wish to take, then it's up to you.

I probably wouldn't take statins either, but do let your doctor know about your decision.

Good luck ☺

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I agree with Moo ; let your GP know you've stopped them. If this meets with objection maybe you could suggest an alternative such as 'Repatha' which claims to be free of side effects.

Glad you're feeling so much better ! xx

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Hi fedup,

Well done to you for stop taking statins.

Docs usually provide statins to lower your cholesterol, was that the case with you as well?

There are a lot of lies being spread around the world today and lowering your cholesterol is one of those big, fat lies.

Lowering your cholesterol is the opposite of what your body wants/needs. Your body is the real doctor, not the people with a few letters after their name.

Statins quicken the aging process and degrade your health.

My auntie is on statins too and I want her to stop taking them but it can be hard telling these people the truth.

I have read that statins can lead to diabetes. If she gets diabetes I will put ky foot down and tell her to get off them at once.

What I want to know is, people are born into this world and they seem to follow the rules/laws set by the government (who are just a bunch of greedy money-makers at the end of the day) and people accept it as if that is how life should be when it shouldn't at all.

We humans are living life so wrong.

I don't call it 'living' to go to work everyday to earn some money, some material in other words, just so I can LIVE.

We are the only species who pay to live, how mad is that?


Here's an ironic experience about statins - one of my clients is a MD (medical doctor) was talking with me about cholesterol and statins. He said his doctor wanted him to take statins, my client the doctor was totally against it. He opted to do acupuncture and take chinese herbs. Haha This says something when a doctor doesn't want to take statins either.


My husband experienced complete relief from lower back pain after stopping Zocor. No morning brain fog either. After researching, we decided he didn't even fall into the category that benefits the most from cholesterol-lowering drugs.

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I fully understand your side effects concerns, maybe you could go to your go and work out a safe plan for reduction of the drugs your on. I refused gabapentnn and all anti depressants & sleeping tablets, but after being awake for so long this week, I'm seriodky considering going back and asking for something to make me sleep. Once things get desperate yiu can change your mind. Good luck with getting it sorted out, x


Bravo to you,

my Neurologist suggested statins to lower my cholesterol and I told him I didn't want to take them so he gave me a certain amount of time to try the diet way which lowered it but still not enough.

Again I refused to take them and told him a friend of mine had tried some herbal ones so I told him the name and straight away he called a pharmacy and enquired about them.

He agreed for me to try them ,again gave me a certain amount of time and did the blood tests and had lowered even more to a good result.

Recently he told me he has even told some of his patients to try them so I say what a result:)

I have changed my diet completely and haven't taken them for ages so my next blood tests I will see if its helped without the herbal tablets.

So it might be worth a try the herbal way :)


hi gabimou, they gave me statins to stabalise my choesterol my cholesterol level is normal whaterver normal is we are of to lanzarote on sunday for two weeks best medicine going plenty of sunshine and my pain level drops from 8 to 4 managable at least

fedupspark aka peter


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