No Rules !

Hi everyone, Jules here.

Thank you everyone of my friends that got me through the last few days, I have been reading your posts but to be honest kept crying rather than replying (that rhymes).

Feeling better today.

A couple of things i have an irresistible urge to say :

Mr Brain damaged Baron, you make me laugh so many times with you footnotes to your posts, i really really love to see what words you have come up with next. One of my favorite recently was an unusually named stoat of some sort. Thank you so very much for bringing humour into my life, at times when i have felt i have nothing. The power of humour i suspect must have been studied as it is a powerful drug.

I forgot the second very important thing .... oops.

Kind regards to everyone, much love


Oh , remembered the second point:

There is an advert on the TV which strikes a cord with me (cant remember what its selling) but its about someone whom i suspect everyone knows but me, but anyway. She says 'i am 96 years old and i have no rules, they are a waste of time'

I strive to think like her - i wonder, if she could be me now, knowing what shes knows now, what she would do with my life, compared to what i do now.

Its interesting isnt it ?




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  • Good to hear you are feeling better, and the way you put it ' even if it's not a cure all laughter can help '.I smile most of the time, some people must think I'm a bit of a nutter. Aw let them think. Good night all and a smile for Jules x

  • aww


  • Hey Jules ; please see my reply to your previous post. xx

  • So pleased that you are feeling more positive now. Onwards and upwards girl, good times are there as well as bad.

  • What are you talking about you lunatic?

    Geoff The Gregarious Panda


  • Hi Jules, lovely to hear that you're over the hump in the road, on the way up on your bungee strap and bobbing along on the top of the waves again. :) x

  • Hi Jules, it is good to hear from you and it is indeed interesting to hear words of wisdom from a 96 yo woman. 😀 Claire xx

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